Of course we repair signs and outdoor lighting! We’ll even inspect your signage and outdoor lighting for you at no cost. We stock our service trucks with the most commonly used material to do our best to get you back to full illumination on the first trip. As the daylight hours change you may or may not notice your signage and outdoor lighting needing some attention but your customers and passerby’s will - don’t be that sign that you can’t read, have us get you back to looking your best!

Unfortunately, the city and other local jurisdictions have a say in what kind of signage you can have and what size you’re allowed. All this is based on what your property is zoned as and then the ordinances directly associated with that zoning. It is not worth your time or effort to dig into all of this and try to make sense of, so let us get down to the bottom of it for you. We’ll be pulling your permit for you anyways so we’ll find out what your options are first so we get you options that will be permittable from the get go.

The quick answer is whatever you’d like it to look like! Typically we utilize your logo and brand standards to incorporate into your sign design to maintain your brand integrity. If you don’t have a logo we can design one for you. If your logo isn’t quite “sign” friendly we’ll offer our recommendations to make sure your sign is legible and effective. Ways to make your logo more sign friendly is to increase your letter stroke and/or size as well as utilize different materials, dimensions, colors and contrast effects as well as lighting techniques. Different sign characteristics have different costs associated with them but there’s always a solution to fit every budget and need.

A vector file is made up of points and paths that create objects that can be edited and infinitely scaled up without losing quality. Most common file types are .eps (encapsulated postscript), .ai (adobe illustrator) and sometimes .pdf. If all you have is a .png or .jpg of your logo we can make do to get preliminary drawings and quoting put together but to move forward into fabrication we’ll need a vector file or recreate what you have into a vector file if possible and cost efficient.

Depending on the type of sign you’re getting as well as what the local permit requirements and processes are are the largest factors in determining timeframe. On average for a set of channel letters to be permitted, fabricated and installed is around 4-6 weeks. Some city’s take only a few days to review and issue sign permits whereas others take upwards of 3-5 weeks (City of Omaha). In many scenarios we can have signage fabricated before the city issues permits but it's crucial that due diligence is taken initially to make sure a sign is able to get a permit before it's fabricated. 

Projects that don’t require a permit can have turnaround within a few days to a week or two depending on scope of work and quantity. 

Other factors that affect timing are weather and construction progress. When will your building be ready for signage as well as coordinating other contractors so we aren’t in each other’s ways. For the most part we work in all the different midwest elements however wind and lightning will get us grounded quick.  We don’t want anyone risking getting shocked and signs are giant kites which are safety concerns to people, buildings and structures etc. Some risks just aren’t worth being taken when a day or two can be precautionary.

Fortunately we fabricate our signage in house so we have the ability to work our fabrication schedule around accordingly to work with your timeframe. As long as a permit can be obtained in time we can meet your deadline. Ideally we like to be able to be proactively organized with our workloads and production schedules because everyone wants their signs quickly and it saves us a lot of gray hairs however we do understand pinches and we strive to help as much as we possibly can.

Absolutely! We have been doing what we do for over 27 years so we are confident in our abilities and want you to be confident in us as well for the long haul, so we offer an entire year workmanship and material warranty. We also offer a 5 year LED manufacturer’s illumination warranty! We are open to talking to you about other warranty needs as well, just ask.

Yes, we can provide you with vehicle wraps and decals to fit your budget amidst other kinds of wraps too. Ever wrapped a garage door or made a chalkboard out of a bar fridge cooler before? We have!

We realllllly wish you wouldn’t but if you absolutely have to we’ll do our best to work it out with you as to why and what best options in doing so are. It really is the most efficient to make sure the layout is approved prior to fabrication otherwise we have gone through the time and expense already to make it one way to have to go back and redo it another way. Again, we know things can pop up or someone may have overlooked something but we try to be as upfront as possible to make sure everything is correct before fabrication. Layouts are what transition into fabrication so reviewing them during the sales process is crucial.

Yes, we can store your signs for you in our gated lot or storage facility. We’ll need to know ahead of time though otherwise if your sign is removed it’s going to be damaged and/or recycled pretty quick.

Ideally yes. If you don’t have an electrician there are many we’ve worked with that we’re happy to refer. Electrical contractors provide primary wiring and final hookup. In some instances if there is already a junction box with power we can tie into it but more often than not State Electrical Inspectors require electrical contractors to take care of this. Sign Contractors fabricate and install signs meanwhile Electrical Contractors make sure power is run and hooked up to signs. We work well with many Electrical Contractors and this is nothing new to them coordinating with us.

Depends on all that is needed in the survey but typically around $100-$250.

We can process your credit cards over the phone or in person and email you back the receipt or if you want to write us a check we can stop by locally to pick it up or mail it in - whatever is most convenient to you!