Back to school signage

August 18, 2021
Back to school signage

Back to school season is among us. As students prepare to return to their study routines, schools prepare to welcome them back to campus for another year. Every new school year is an opportunity for administrators to implement new systems and technologies for better learning outcomes. 

One way schools can enhance the campus environment for students and staff this year is through signage. From banners to digital signs, an Omaha sign company like VitalSigns has all the options to meet your campus’ needs. Here are some ways back to school signage can help:




When faced with the task of relaying information quickly and to a large audience, signage is the solution. Signs can house important updates and announcements that might otherwise go overlooked or unknown. Timeliness is key when it comes to mass communicating. 

One of the best signage options to convey a time-sensitive message is digital signage. Investing in digital signage allows you to create and display messages instantly. An electronic messaging option saves you the hassle of fabricating and installing a print sign, so you can get the word out ASAP.  




Promotion efforts can serve schools in recruiting, fundraising, event attendance, and more. Signs are an effective way to promote your school and create awareness amongst potential event goers, students, staff and donors. 

Sports programming, for instance, is a great opportunity for promotion. At these events, banners are especially popular to showcase a school’s identity, from its name to its mascot. Promotion contributes to the campus culture and creates hype for athletics and other programs.


Design and display


If your goals are surface-level, there’s a sign for that. Create custom, eye-catching signage, and even get creative with its placement. Windows, floors, stairs, walls - there’s no limit to where your sign can go. Vinyl graphics are especially flexible in their installation. They’re a budget-friendly alternative to painting and are durable enough to last long-term or only temporarily, depending on your aesthetic needs. 

You can also pay homage to accomplished students and faculty and thank generous donors with monument signage. Such plaques serve as a shoutout and as motivation while contributing to the overall design. 




Often the scariest part of a new school year for students is navigating campus. Whether it be a new campus or new schedule, the experience of finding your way can be overwhelming. A wayfinding signage system can assist students to avoid tardiness. It’s a win-win scenario for both students and teachers. Our Omaha sign company can help you implement a system that works for you!




As with any facility, a school is not complete without safety signage. Clearly defining any safety policies and procedures encourages students to prevent emergency situations. Or in the case that they do occur, prepare them to act accordingly. Some post signs to safety-proof your campus might caution against smoking or warn commuters to stop for pedestrians. In doing so, they act to prevent and prepare for potential safety hazards.


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When preparing for the new school year, equip your facility with the signage tools for a successful learning environment. Whether it be a temporary solution for timely messaging like digital signage or vinyl lettering, or a panel sign to stand the test of time, our Omaha sign company has a vast amount of options of signage to help you communicate, promote, design, navigate and safety-proof your school. Connect with us!