Benefits of illuminated signage

September 08, 2021
Benefits of illuminated signage

Outdoor signage could be the deciding factor in whether a potential customer enters your store, or does not. That being said, it’s crucial that storefront signs are visible and attractive. So, how can you increase awareness and appeal? Illuminated signage is the solution. 

As you design your storefront signage with outdoor signs Omaha experts, opt to make your sign shine with any of the vast options for illuminated signage, including fluorescent, incandescent, LED, neon, HID (high-intensity displays) and more. 


Increased visibility


Even if your business doesn’t operate after dark, your sign still should. When you illuminate your outdoor signage, you can extend your visibility up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thus, expanding your reach and brand awareness beyond your usual daytime audience. illuminated signage is also easier seen at a distance, further increasing your brand visibility. 


Visual appeal and customization


Now, for visual appeal. The only thing better than a well-designed sign, is a well-designed sign that is also well-lit. Illuminated signage is an attention-grabbing option that offers increased customizability. You can even further enhance the sign experience by adding custom visual effects. 




Outdoor illuminated signage is designed to last. Signs are manufactured to not only survive in different weather conditions, but to thrive in them. Lit signage remains visible in rain, gloom, snow and fog, unlike the alternative. They also have an impressive lifespan, glowing as long as 50,000 hours


Street safety


Illuminated signage is the responsible choice as it contributes to overall safety. Oftentimes, drivers have signage to credit for increased range of vision. By providing illumination with the sign outside of your store space, you can assist travelers in seeing and navigating the area and keep them informed, despite environmental conditions. 


Cost and energy efficiency


While the implementation of illuminated signage might be an added expense, the ROI resulting from your brand’s increased visibility and awareness will pay off in the long run. Not to mention, the range of options available is complete with choices that are more cost-effective and energy-efficient.

LED signs, for instance, serve as a more affordable choice for illuminated signage while fluorescent bulbs offer energy-saving qualities. Outdoor signs Omaha experts can assist you in determining the best option to increase your visibility on a budget. 


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As you design your outdoor signage, utilize illumination to maintain visibility and appeal, day or night and rain or shine. Illuminated signage is an energy-efficient, durable and affordable way to maintain brand awareness and safety. The outdoor signs Omaha experts at VitalSigns have a wide variety of illuminated signage options to help you keep it glowing! Contact us for more information