Car wrapping vs. Painting

August 11, 2021
Car wrapping vs. Painting

If you’re looking to increase your brand visibility and awareness, your vehicle could be your best promotional tool. Utilizing your car to advertise allows you to reach a vastly larger audience who might not otherwise know about your brand. 

When it comes to customizing your vehicle with your branding, you have a couple of options: you can wrap your car or you can paint it. In making the decision, consider these advantages of wrapping your car. Then, you can enlist the help of car wrap omaha experts like those at VitalSigns to assist in the design and installation.


Fast and easy


While a new paint job can take weeks, installation of a car wrap takes only a few days. So you don’t have to worry about being out of transportation for too long. Not only is  the installation simple, the maintenance is too. Paint requires frequent washing and waxing to prevent wear and tear, but the upkeep for vinyl can be as easy as wiping it down.


Lower cost


A quality paint job will range anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000 while a quality vinyl wrap done by a professional is generally significantly less. Painting can not only cost you double that of a wrap, but it also requires more money to maintain the final product. Cut costs with a vehicle wrap and see the return on your investment as your vehicle advertising attracts new customers.  




Car wrapping offers you a more customizable experience, with all the options of paint and more. You can personalize your wrap down to the texture and finish complete with your color palette, logo, lettering and any special graphics without the additional costs associated with painting. Overall, you can get more for less when you choose to customize your vehicle with a wrap. Car wrap omaha experts can help you design the best wrap to suit your business’ needs. 


Durability and protection


Paint can be vulnerable to damage like fading, cracking and scratching. Wraps, however, are designed with the best materials to be long-lasting. Not only do wraps stand the test of time, but they can protect the product underneath. 

When you wrap your car rather than paint it, you preserve the condition of your vehicle. The wraps are durable enough to protect your automobile from weathering, hazards and sun exposure allowing you to maintain your factory paint and your car’s resale value. The vinyls are also easy and safe to remove.


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Going mobile with your advertising is a worthy investment. If you’re looking to use your vehicle to help promote your business on the go, car wrapping is the better alternative to painting. Car graphics, decals and wraps offer a faster, more customizable and affordable way to brand your vehicle. Consult car wrap Omaha experts at VitalSigns for assistance designing, installing and maintaining a custom vehicle wrap!