Celebrate spring with a new sign!

April 21, 2021
Celebrate spring with a new sign!

Spring is here and that means that business owners have a fantastic opportunity to attract new customers and expand their company. Springtime is typically when people are venturing out of their homes following winter and are ready to spend an extra dollar or two at local businesses. Take advantage of the time and work with our Omaha Nebraska sign makers to create new promotional signs! 

1. New window graphics

You can use new window graphics to brighten up your storefront! Our Omaha Nebraska sign makers can use vinyl lettering and graphics to make spring-themed designs for your windows. Leaning into trends with spring flower graphics can gain the attention of customers who are passing by and entice them to enter your store. 

It’s always a good idea to freshen up your window design every now and then so it doesn’t become too boring. By changing up your window graphics you can also see what works best at drawing in the most customers. Plus, an often unthought-of benefit that window graphics provide is that they will provide shade for inside your store as the sun starts shining more brightly and for longer hours. 

2. New banners 

Get a new banner for inside or outside your store this spring to announce new spring sales! This promotion could go towards your new products, or you can use it as a way to entice people to buy out your winter stock at a discounted rate. Banners can be a great seasonal promotional item our Omaha Nebraska sign makers can create because of how easily they can be installed and taken down! 

3. New wall mural 

Does your store still have boring white walls? Spring is the perfect time to change that! Your walls are the perfect blank canvas to put a new wall mural on. Your wall mural can be promotional in nature, branded to strengthen your company’s identity, or even just considered pretty. Wall murals actually offer a lot of benefits to your business besides just being aesthetically pleasing. They are eye-catching, make a statement, and can even be used to boost your sales! 

Just remember that it’s always best to work with a sign company to create your new wall mural than to work with a painter! Vinyl wall murals are so much more efficient than using paint, especially when you think about how long paint can take to dry! 

4. Electronic message board 

It’s 2021, and if your business still doesn’t have an electronic message center (EMC) then use this new season to get one! EMC’s launch you into the digital age and allow you to promote a variety of different messages and products to your customers. They aren’t a static sign so you have more flexibility with their programming. They are usually lit up and colorful, so you could even customize the messages to have spring flowers on them and stay in touch with the season! Once it’s summer, easily reprogram the sign to have the sun and beach waves instead. 

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