Creating a sign that stays on brand

December 09, 2020
Creating a sign that stays on brand

Your goal as a business is to make sales, but your goal as a brand is to be seen, understood and remembered. In order to achieve this, you need to build a strong brand that stays consistent in everything you do. You want to make sure that everything from your ads to your social media to even your signage rings true to your brand. While there is no exact formula you can follow to stay on brand, there are a few key signs that will tell you if you are staying on track. 

Here’s how you can get a sign from a custom sign shop that is completely on brand: 

1. Use your logo

Your logo is the foundation of your identity. It can be what sets you apart from the competition and makes you easily recognizable to customers. If you can only follow one rule off of this list, this should be the one. If you have designed a logo for your business, then it should be going on all of your branded visuals. A logo is one of the first things that customers will look for on a sign or advertisement in order to recognize who is sending them a message. If you do not have a logo created for your business, VitalSigns can help you to create one

2. Stick to branded colors and fonts

When you first created your branded style guide, part of the process should have involved picking out fonts and colors for your business. These are the fonts and colors that you will want to stick to for all your branded messaging, including a new sign from a custom sign shop. When you use a different font or different colors, it can confuse your audience and make your brand less recognizable. Even for things such as holiday signs, where it is common to embrace seasonal colors, you will not want to neglect your branded colors. 

3. Keep a similar tone and personality 

If the messaging from your company is consistently witty or funny, then you want to keep that consistent for your signage. If you pride your business on being the voice of authority on the subject, then that is the tone you will want to convey for all messages. A good rule of thumb is to stick to the top three words you want your business to be remembered for. For example, if you want your customers to think of your brand as friendly, knowledgeable and approachable, those are the words you should match your messaging to. 

4. Match the content to your business

It wouldn’t make sense for you to make gardening content if you run an auto repair business. Make sure whatever signage you choose to get matches what your business does. You can create signs that build brand awareness and help to gain customer loyalty, but you will still want to make sure that looking at your sign, the customer has an idea of what your business does. 

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