Different types of vinyl graphic signs

March 31, 2021
Different types of vinyl graphic signs

Vinyl is a durable and versatile material to create new signs with! Vinyl graphics are weather resistant and perfect for promoting your business on a ton of different surfaces. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a new vinyl sign.

Our vinyl lettering Omaha experts go over their favorite types of vinyl graphics you can get for your business! 

1. Car Wraps

Vinyl graphics are perfect for your company’s vehicle fleet. Having advertisements on the go to spread all over town can be very beneficial for your business. It can reach people that would not normally see your store or other signage. The vinyl wrap aspect is also beneficial because it can easily be removed for other design ideas or if you decide to rebrand. However, vinyl lettering can last for years too, making it a very cost effective option. 

2. Floor graphics

Floor graphics are another great sign option when using vinyl materials. Since vinyl graphics can easily be removed or switched out by our vinyl lettering Omaha experts, you can use them to emphasize different sales you have throughout the year. Create arrows that lead to the hot new sales section or the promotional items you want to emphasize. Floor graphics can also be used situationally, like currently, many stores are using them to illustrate what six feet apart looks like for social distancing purposes. 

3. Window graphics 

Window graphics can help you to increase your brand awareness, highlight promotions, promote store hours and so much more! By using vinyl graphics on your windows you can create an upscale look and offer privacy to your shoppers from the outside world. 

Plus window graphics are more likely to grab the attention of consumers than bare windows. Vinyl lettering can be cut into any font type or design, making it a very versatile option for your windows too. 

4. Wall murals 

Blank walls are so boring, dress them up with wall murals instead! Wall murals add flair and style to your business, and when created with your brand in mind, can help cement your business identity with customers. Working with our vinyl lettering Omaha experts is so much easier than working with a painter. Vinyl wall mural graphics save you time, are easily replaced and removable and are more likely to end up just how you imagined. Plus, they are created away from your business space, meaning other than the quick installation, you won’t have to block off any section of your store.  

5. Banners 

Banners are perfect for quick sales promotions and for tradeshows! When you want to hand those banners outside, then vinyl material is the superior choice. This is because it can stand up against extreme weather conditions and look as good as the day you got it. 

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