Digital signage: Is it the more sustainable option?

October 13, 2021
Digital signage: Is it the more sustainable option?

In the modern age, sustainability is a major public concern.  Waste and gas emissions are affecting our environment, and anything businesses can do to minimize their impact could be critical in combating climate change. But, if a thriving planet isn’t incentive enough, sustainability yields sales. The new generation of consumers will spend the extra money on products and services that are more environmentally conscious. Improve your brand reputation and increase customer loyalty when you invest in sustainability. 

In adopting more eco-friendly business practices, consider the impact of your advertising. Specifically, your signage choice. Digital signage has many benefits, but one is that its the more sustainable alternative to traditional print signage. Omaha sign shop VitalSigns has a variety of digital options to choose from. Here’s how this modern sign solution can help your business go green! 


Save paper


Paper is a source of environmental concern as its production results in mass deforestation, landfill and air pollution, and the emission of harmful greenhouse gases like methane. Furthermore, the act of printing itself is also associated with additional toxic waste such as plastic, as used for ink cartridges, ink, chemicals and more. 

This being said, businesses should consider trading traditional print business communication out for better alternatives, whenever possible. Unlike paper signage, digital software enables quality displays, no paper or printing necessary. So you and your customers can rest assured that you’re doing your part to reduce waste. 


Long-lasting signage = less waste


It’s simple. Unlike the often temporary solution that is traditional signage, digital signage technology is made to last. Signage often must undergo frequent changes to reflect ever-evolving business needs. For example, the introduction of new products and services, changing policies and regulations, and limited-time offers and specials. 

While print signage requires new paper and print production, as well as the disposal of the prior signage, digital signs use automatic software to make customization quick, easy and most importantly, sustainable. Not to mention, print production can be a costly expense. So not only will your business save paper, it will save money in the long run, as these signs have a lifespan, commonly up to 100,000 hours long. 


Reduced power usage 


While digital signage does require power, modern technology has reduced energy consumption by as much as 90% in the past 20 years. Not to mention, common signage options like LED and LCD are low-energy consuming by nature, and help to reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, technology is always evolving with energy-efficient tools and settings, like the ability to adjust display’s brightness to preserve energy. 


Use recyclable materials


Despite the public push to recycle, the truth remains that paper waste populates 25% of all landfills in the US. Digital display materials, however, are not only easily recyclable but their customizability, durability and long life-span makes them ideal for reuse and repurposing. So you can sell your sign for money back or donate to a worthy cause. Some Omaha sign shops and manufacturers may even offer trade-in programs to swap out your signage. 


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For more sustainable business signage, turn to Omaha sign shop VitalSigns. We have a vast amount of digital signage options, including LED and LCD, available as a more sustainable alternative to traditional. Transitioning to more sustainable business tools will not only reduce your carbon footprint and overall environmental impact, but it will propel your reputation amongst the consumers who value eco-friendly products. Contact us!