Do’s and Don’ts for creating a new sign

March 17, 2021
Do’s and Don’ts for creating a new sign

Promotional signs can have a big impact on your business. However, you want to make sure you are using the right colors, materials and design to make your sign successful and help it to stand out. Check out some of these general do’s and don’ts from VitalSigns, one of the best sign shops in Omaha NE, for creating the best new custom sign! 

DO include your business name and logo

You always want to include your business name and logo on your sign to reinforce your brand! Your business name is important because you want people to know just exactly who is running this promotion. Your logo is also important because the design of it can stick out in a consumer’s head and make your company more memorable. 

DON’T include too much information

Your promotional sign should have just enough information to intrigue customers to walk into your store or contact you to learn more. You want to make sure that you are not visually overloading everyone and everything on your sign is necessary to your messaging. For example, while you should include your business name and logo, you do not need to try and fit your address, phone number or other information they can easily gain from a quick google search. 

DO utilize white space

Your entire sign does not have to be filled up for it to be effective. Not only is it okay for your sign to have white space, a space with no words or design, but it is actually encouraged! The ideal amount of white space is actually 30-40 percent of your sign! Also keep in mind that while your white space is free from design, it can still be a different color than white. 

DON’T make your sign unreadable 

It might be tempting to use a fancy font or all caps when designing your sign to help it stand out and be eye catching, but in reality, these things can make your sign hard to read. This is because most people read words at a glance, recognizing their shape and not necessarily reading every individual letter. All caps and “creative” fonts can cause the shapes of words to look different and take longer to process. This is why sign shops in Omaha NE recommend using your branded font and a mixture of lowercase and uppercase letters. 

DO hire a professional

You want a sign that is going to last, and the best way to do that is to work with a professional. Especially when you work with VitalSigns, one of the best sign shops in Omaha NE, you can guarantee that your sign is going to be aesthetically pleasing and made with the highest quality materials.  Their in-house design team knows what layouts, fonts and colors will make your sign pop and can give you insights on how to create the best sign for your business. They can take you through the entire custom sign process

DON’T get a generic sign

While custom signs can cost more than a generic sign, they are also better for your business. People tend to look at generic signs like one’s that read “Sale,” and don’t give it a second thought. However, one that is customized with your logo, colors and specific sale are more likely to catch their attention and intrigue them to enter. 

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