Hospital signage solutions

August 25, 2021
Hospital signage solutions

Going to the hospital isn’t generally considered a pleasant experience. Healthcare facilities oftentimes are associated with health issues and disease. Visiting a hospital can stir up feelings of anxiety, stress and even grief in patients and their visitors. That being said, anything healthcare facilities can do to improve the experience is crucial to retaining patient loyalty. Hospital signage offers solutions for an easier, safer and overall superior patient experience. Working with a company like VitalSigns can make the signage design process quick and simple. 


Emergency wayfinding


Trips to the hospital are often on a necessary and emergency basis. Wayfinding signage allows patients and visitors to locate and navigate the facilities quickly and easily. That way, they can get diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. A monument sign, for instance, is a great outdoor option to help find the facility, while an indoor wayfinding sign system enables visitors to find specific rooms and services. An effective indoor wayfinding plan might include plaques and directional banners. When it comes to healthcare, it’s always the sooner the better. 


Ease emotions


Due to the largely negative feelings associated with hospitals, operators should take advantage of any opportunity to lighten the mood. One way it can enforce hopeful, positive feelings is through signage. Whether it be in the lobby for an anxiety-free waiting time or in the doctor’s offices themselves, decorative signage with the right colors can help to shift moods. A vinyl mural could be the perfect display to brighten up a lobby space. Hospitals can even get creative with vinyl by wrapping any devices throughout the facility. Also ensure that the content of any medical signage maintains an optimistic tone and messaging. 


Education and instruction


Patients and visitors require guidance beyond navigation. Signs should be informative, providing them with any necessary details about all services and treatments. It should also outline any rules and policies the hospital enforces to maintain the safety and cleanliness of the facility. Without comprehensive signage, patients are left uneducated and cannot act accordingly. Something easily visible and accessible like a banner would do the trick. Signage design experts like those at VitalSigns can help determine what is most important to display.


Promotion and ad revenue


It should come as no surprise that hospitals require revenue. Healthcare is a business, after all, and signage is an opportunity to increase revenue. Hospitals can rent out ad space to partners to promote their health-care related products and services. Digital signage is one effective route to do so as it is easily installed and customizable. Not only could these promotions provide solutions to patients, but by increasing revenue, hospitals are able to take that money and put it back into its equipment and services. Healthcare facilities can stay up to date with the best technologies and life-saving treatments ultimately for the betterment of patients.


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To retain patients, hospitals have to help them overcome their preconceived thoughts about hospitals by providing them with the best visit possible. Signage can help. To create a quicker, happier and more informed experience, enlist the help of our signage design company VitalSigns. From monument signs to digital signage, we have all the available options for improving hospital signage. Contact us!