How a custom awning can benefit your business

October 27, 2021
How a custom awning can benefit your business

When creating a signage plan to best serve your business, custom awning signs are often overlooked, despite their increased functionality in comparison to standard signage options. An awning is an outdoor advertising tool made from fabric and vinyl canvases that is often placed at the forefront of your business, either over doors or windows. They are designed angular to propel like a roof past your business surface.

A well-designed awning can increase your brand visibility and awareness which can, as a result, increase store traffic and sales, but its uses go beyond aesthetics and branding. A professional building signage design company like VitalSigns can improve your overall business’ appearance and function with custom awning signage. Here are some of the sign type’s specific advantages. 


Weather protection


Your business needs to be prepared for all of the different weather conditions. An awning can preserve your exterior storefront such as the paint job, doors, windows and seating area from potential rain, hail, snow and wind damages. This saves you costs of outdoor material repairs and as well as maintenance and cleaning expenses associated with precipitation. 


Cleaner outdoor spaces


Your outdoor space can be prone to dirt and grime. It can  become riddled with leaves, branches, seeds and bird droppings to name a few, all of which can be off-putting to potential customers. Rather than paying someone to clean your business’ space and exterior or doing it yourself, prevent and protect your facility with an awning that will block debris. 


Sun protection 


An awning is both attractive and functional. It can act as a shade to block the beating sun, otherwise known as solar radiation, that can naturally heat your business and force you to crank the air conditioning to keep your employees and guests comfortable. Awnings work to cool your facility. In fact, businesses that have awnings can save up to 25 percent on electricity bills.

Not to mention, the building signage design company VitalSigns will install a retractable sign for the winter months that will receive solar heat gain to combat cold weather. Thus, saving you heating and cooling costs all year round!


Sun protection


If your business offers outdoor seating and services, a hot day might deter guests from sitting outside. But if your indoor facility has limited capacity, you may rely on the extra space. An awning can help protect guests and employees from UV rays, both indoors and outdoors. Overall, providing customers with a safer and more comfortable experience. It can also protect your products as some items and materials can be especially susceptible to sunlight or heat damage. 


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Reap the many benefits of a custom awning sign from building signage design company VitalSigns. An awning can not only drive revenue with its branding power but also save you the costs associated with intense sun and weather conditions. All while providing guests with the most comfortable experience, in-store and out. Contact us for a free awning sign consultation!