How color can affect your signs

January 13, 2021
How color can affect your signs

Colors communicate to consumers more than people realize. They can be one of the backbones of your brand that helps you to become instantly recognizable to a customer, but they can also express different feelings and values. 

Color psychology can be incredibly useful to use when creating a custom sign because strategic color choices can signal a mood and influence customers into behaving a certain way. Our sign experts at Vital Signs, one of the best sign shops Omaha NE has, go over ways you can use color to your advantage in your signs. 


The number one benefit that color can bring to your signs is to make them more visible. Visibility for your signs is important always, but it is especially important for your outdoor signs. There is no point in getting a new sign if no one is going to be able to see it! To make sure that your sign stands out, use brighter colors and don’t be afraid to utilize contrasting colors. This means that if the background of your building is dark, make the main color of your sign a lighter color. 

Advertise your brand

Using your own branded color in your signs can help reinforce your brand beliefs in client’s minds. Research shows that brand recognition can increase by 80 percent when paired with a signature color. For example, even without their name or logo present, many people would be able to recognize Starbucks green straw. Plus more people are likely to remember the color of a brand at 78 percent in comparison to 43 percent who are able to remember a name. 

If you are working with one of the best sign shops Omaha NE has like VitalSigns, they will encourage you to use your branded colors for all your interior and exterior signs. 

Evoke different moods

Different colors can be used to evoke different feelings in people. If there is a certain thought process you wish to be used when looking at your signage, then it can be beneficial to read up on the psychology behind different colors. For example, red and orange can be used to raise the energy levels of consumers. They are very in your face and loud colors that could be useful when advertising last minute sales or other events in which you want an immediate reaction. Some other color’s hidden meanings include:

  • Blue and green can create an emotional response. They can build confidence and trust in a brand.

  • Yellow is a fun and optimistic color that can create a friendly atmosphere. 

  • Purple has historically been the color associated with royalty and wealth and when used with your sign can convey a sense of rarity. 

  • White is the color of cleanliness and clarity. This is why the color white is most commonly associated with healthcare brands and sanitation products. White can also be added to a sign however to bring levels of contrast and highlight text. 

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