How signage can help you adjust your workspace for the “new normal” 

January 20, 2021
How signage can help you adjust your workspace for the “new normal” 

To say 2020 was a crazy year would be an understatement, and as we enter 2021, we are unfortunately not starting over with a clean slate. A lot of the weirdness from the year prior is coming with us with social distancing mandates and pandemic restrictions still in place. Adjusting to this “new normal,” can be a difficult process, but by working with us at VitalSigns, a custom sign shop, we can help get your office space ready. 

Here are some signs you can get to help adjust your workspace for the new normal: 

Internal floor graphics

You can get internal floor graphics made to help designate six feet of space between places. The CDC recommends everyone keep six feet between them in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus, however, most people do not carry a measuring tape with them! Estimating the distance of six feet can be difficult with just the naked eye, but with evenly spaced out floor graphics, this space can be achieved with ease. 

Mask signs

Omaha has a mask mandate in place until February 23, but you can help to remind customers of the mask requirement with a friendly sign outside your place of business. This sign can also be useful when there isn’t a city mask mandate, but a store policy that you are adhering to. This sign helps to establish clear rules and regulations that must be followed while inside the company. It can be used to help avoid awkward interactions or situations with consumers because as soon as they see your storefront with a mask sign, they will know to “mask-up.” 

Sanitation stations

Another “new normal” that many places of business are having to adjust to is the addition of sanitation stations. Hand sanitizer dispensers, disinfectant wipes and hand soap being available to customers is becoming a must-have for all businesses. These stations can put people’s minds at ease and create a safer environment. If you just have them placed in random places though, customers will not know where to find them. Our custom sign shop can help you to create arrows or wayfinding directional signage that leads people in the direction to the sanitation stations. 

Branded backdrops 

Remote work has increased 140 percent in the last seven years, with 45 percent of teams using video calling daily or weekly. Especially in 2020, there was no question that virtual meetings were the new “it” thing to adapt businesses and keep everyone safe. These virtual meetings are not expected to go away anytime soon and could become a permanent part of our future. That gives you the very unique opportunity as a business to get vinyl wall graphics for your building! 

You can take the advantage of all the blank wall space in your office and transform it into a colorful piece of art, or better yet, a branded backdrop! Especially for the walls that can be seen behind you in a meeting with clients or a lead, this can help to promote your brand! When working with a custom sign shop like VitalSigns, we can help you to create a design you already have in mind, or create something on our own for you to love! 

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