How to promote your event with signage

June 09, 2021
How to promote your event with signage

With summer just around the corner and social restrictions being lifted, businesses are anticipating events returning back to somewhat normal. Whether it be sports games, concerts, festivals, fairs, etc., events can expect larger turnouts this season as capacity restrictions continue to loosen up.

When it comes to increasing the attendance of your event, promotion is key. Our outdoor signs Omaha experts can help you create the right signage to promote your event and maximize your attendance.

1. Banners

Banners are an affordable and easy way to promote your event. Banners are easy to install and transport. An effective banner is both visually appealing and informative. Having an eye-catching promotional banner will help attract attendees to the idea of your event, but critical information like date, time and location are absolutely necessary to get them there. Outdoor banners are also durable enough to withstand any summer storms that might strike. 

2. Digital signs

Grab the attention of potential attendees with the latest technology of digital signs. A customizable electronic sign is a functional and reliable way to reach people day or night, rain or shine. Digital signage is highly effective at encouraging attendance, the average recall of an outdoor digital sign is 55 percent! Digital signage comes in a variety of styles - fluorescent, high-intensity display, incandescent, and neon. All of the options are helpful for seeing at night, increasing the hours in which the sign is visible to attract more potential event-goers. 

3. Vehicle signage

Promote your event on the go with vehicle graphics, decals and wraps. Our outdoor signs Omaha experts can help you determine which of these options is right for you! Vehicle signage is the best form of print marketing to reach the maximum number of potential event-goers because it’s mobile. It allows you to promote locally beyond just your storefront to those who might not otherwise pass by. 

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