How to upsell with digital signage

September 01, 2021
How to upsell with digital signage

Customer purchases are driven largely by need and want. They know what they need or want, they get it and then they go. But, if you can further capitalize on their visit by introducing them to other products and services, you’ll see increased ROI. How can you implement an upselling strategy? 

Digital signage can increase your sales as they are easy and quick to customize for timely and thorough advertising efforts. Utilizing digital signs to display, promote and incentivize your products and services is an effective way to add some items to your customers’ baskets. When implementing your digital signage for the best upselling results, consider the following in your signage design.

Include product benefits and features

It’s not enough to simply state your product. Your signage should be thorough, providing some brief depth into specific features and benefits. A customer is more likely to make a purchase if it meets a particular need. For instance, if it addresses dietary concerns. A person with diabetes is more likely to opt for a lower sugar item so it's crucial that you identify such features in your signage. Don’t neglect potentially upselling information. 

Give hierarchy to higher prices

An obvious way to increase revenue is to sell more expensive items. That being said, as you’re creating visuals for your digital signage, be sure to give hierarchy to higher-priced products. Consider placement, size, and general visibility to draw the customer’s eye to the pricier options

Emphasize seasonable items and limited-time offers

As you consider what's most important to include in your digital signage, don’t disregard seasonable items and limited-time offers. Timeliness has an impact on consumer decisions. If they aren’t sure whether a product will be available the next time they visit, they will feel more urgency to purchase. 

Introduce new products

Customers are drawn to newness. They are driven to get ahead of the trends so when you advertise your latest addition to your products and services, the response is curiosity and intrigue. Use this interest to your advantage by giving sufficient advertising space to new products and placing emphasis on their novelty. 

Promote sales and specials

There’s no such thing as over promoting a sale. Deals and discounts drive sales. If customers are left in the dark about those offers, they can’t take advantage of them and you miss out on potential revenue. If you’re having a BOGO sale, for instance, a customer is more likely to add to their pre-existing purchase to qualify for the discount. The original “need” or “want” might have gotten the initial sale, but your signage design could get an additional purchase. 

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In trying to increase your sales, start with your already established customer base. By utilizing digital signage that is strategically designed to promote, display and incentivise products, you can effectively upsell. VitalSigns has all the quick, easy and customizable digital signage options to help you implement a range of strategies. Contact us for assistance in your signage design process!