How to use step and repeat banners for your next event

November 03, 2021
How to use step and repeat banners for your next event

If you’re looking to boost your marketing efforts for an upcoming event, a step and repeat banner might be your best solution. What exactly are step and repeat banners? They’re large banners that are covered with a repeating brand logo and placed strategically for photo opportunities, essentially acting as a backdrop for pictures at special events. There are a variety of uses and benefits of a step and repeat banner from an Omaha banners company like VitalSigns. Here’s how you can utilize a custom step and repeat banner for your next event.

Trade shows

Trade shows are a great opportunity for displaying your company, establishing brand awareness and fostering partnerships. However, they can also be congested with other businesses trying to push their products and services. It's important to separate yourself from other companies and a step and repeat banner can help you do just that. 


What is work with no play? The short answer is forgettable. Work conferences can get mundane. To best engage your audience so they both take the most from your event and enjoy themselves, keep things exciting with step and repeat banners to document their experience.

Notable events

If you’ve ever seen a red carpet or fashion show on TV, you’ve probably seen a step and repeat banner. For events with noteworthy visitors like celebrities and athletes, a step and repeat banner for photos allows for a direct association between those individuals and the brands. It also can expand your reach to a larger “influencer” audience if those photos make it on social media.


When it comes to parties, especially weddings, pictures are a given. Give your guests the perfect photo booth with a step and repeat banner to celebrate and share the experience with friends and family. You can design it with an Omaha banners company to include a hashtag, phrase or any other elements specific to your event to make it memorable. 

Media engagement

It is rare that an athlete, celebrity or official addresses the media or public without a step and repeat banner in the background. This is for good reason. Media and press engagement should be give and take. You give information as it relates to public interest, and get some brand awareness out of it with a custom step and repeat banner stamped with your repeating logo. 

Benefits of a step and repeat banner

  1. Increases brand awareness 

  2. Recognizes sponsorships

  3. Boosts engagement 

  4. You can customize every detail

  5. It’s made from quality materials - so you can use it again! 

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