Improving your local marketing efforts with new signage

April 07, 2021
Improving your local marketing efforts with new signage

Engaging customers in your local area is one of the most important things a business has to do. If you want your business to grow and increase your profits, then you need a plan that solidifies your position in the local community and drives traffic to your store. 

Our sign makers in Omaha NE go over some of their favorite ways to reach the local market below! 

What is local marketing?

Local marketing is when you target customers that live in a particular area or distance from your business location. Local marketing allows you to pinpoint consumers in nearby zip codes or cities that could benefit most from your product or service. Local marketing is oftentimes overlooked by smaller businesses who are trying to copy what the larger conglomerates do. However, there are many tactics small businesses can utilize to reach their local target market. 

Vehicle wraps 

One of the first things our sign makers in Omaha NE recommend for companies looking to expand their local customer base is to get vehicle wraps for their company cars. Vehicle wraps are a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition and create brand awareness for customers. A well-designed car wrap will grab the attention of potential customers as it passes them by in traffic, sitting at a stoplight or even just parked in your parking lot. 

Plus because your vehicle is mobile, it is like a moving billboard! It can create a lot of exposure for your business and get your name out to customers that might not have otherwise passed by your storefront. Increasing your exposure can strengthen your ties to the community as more and more people begin to recognize and recall your brand. 

Electronic message centers

Electronic message centers (EMCs) are dynamic, eye-catching, beautiful and come with a lot of benefits. These types of signs are great for advertising your business locally because they can gain a lot of attention from customers. Since you can choose multiple messages to come across on your EMC, they are not static, and people will pay attention to all the changing graphics and words. Plus, they are lit up, which means that your messaging can be seen 24/7, even when it is dark outside. 

Change your outdoor signage

Especially if your business relies heavily on foot traffic, making sure you are keeping up with trends and changing your outdoor signage often is an important part of increasing your local target market. This change can be what attracts more people to your store. After all, if you have signage that is not attracting new customers, then keeping it for a long time is not going to do your business any good. You need to create an eye-catching and unique outdoor sign that will draw consumers in and turn them into loyal customers. 

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