Interior signs and graphics to help your business stand out

January 27, 2021
Interior signs and graphics to help your business stand out

So you have successfully differentiated yourself and driven customers to your business, now what? While catching customers’ attention and drawing them to your store is important, it is just as important to keep them there and turn them into a loyal customer. 

At VitalSigns, one of the best sign companies in Omaha NE, we believe that getting interior signs and graphics made for inside your business can help with branding and the bottom line!

Some examples of interior graphics and signs you can get include:


1. Wall murals

Take advantage of your white walls and turn them into a beautiful mural inside your store! Wall murals catch a customer's eye when inside and make your place of business not only stand out but become memorable. Wall murals make a bold statement and are versatile so that they can be placed in any location you would like.  Plus there are studies that show that indoor wall murals can boost revenue

Getting a vinyl wall graphic from one of the best sign companies in Omaha NE like VitalSigns will be easier than opting for a paint job. Paint has a more permanent feel and the project can take forever to both create and dry. Our vinyl wall graphics are created off-site so we do not cause a delay in business, plus, the mural can be easily removed or switched if you want a change of design. 

2. Banners

You can get a banner for inside your business as well to help boost promotions! This is your chance to show off any sales you might be having, or create a banner that compliments some of your outside promotional efforts. If you have an outside sign that says 50 percent off select items, have a banner inside that coordinates where those items are. You can also use banners to cement your brand’s image by using them to celebrate certain holidays or occasions. 

3. Floor graphics 

Don’t underestimate the power of floor graphics! Floor graphics are creative and out of the ordinary, so they can catch your customer’s attention more easily! You can use them to promote your brand or lead a customer to a specific product you want to sell. During this COVID-19 era, floor graphics can also be used to demonstrate an appropriate social distancing space. Plus, floor graphics do not take up any space!

4. Directional signs

No one likes being lost and so directional and wayfinding signs are a must for the inside of your business. Many people can find it embarrassing to have to ask for directions or where something is and would much rather figure it out for themselves. This can be as simple as a “bathrooms” sign over a door to the more complex directory and map of your store. Not only will these signs help customers not feel confused and lost inside your store, but they show that you care about their customer experience

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