Safety signage you need for your business

July 07, 2021
Safety signage you need for your business

Businesses have long utilized signage as a way to promote themselves and their products and services. But, signage serves a purpose beyond advertising. Signs can also promote safety. Whether it’s a standard pole sign or an electric sign, an Omaha sign company like VitalSigns can assist you in all of your safety signage needs. 

Health standards

The use of signage to communicate policy and expectations can assist in controlling viral disease and illness. We have witnessed this firsthand in adjusting to the pandemic. Businesses have used signs to enforce mask mandates and encourage social distancing. 

Some effective options to relay this information are vinyl signs as they can be installed on any flat surfaces such as windows, floors and tables. Placement is important to ensure people receive the message early enough to act accordingly. You can also get creative with your vinyl placement, for instance, using the floor to display the six foot distance guests must maintain. 

Road conditions

Signage can also encourage road safety. It can help direct traffic as well as assist in wayfinding to help prevent accidents. In addition to signs instructing drivers to stop or slow down, if your business is difficult to navigate, signage can help guests find their way and avoid U-turns or sharp turns that can often result in crashes. 

Pole signs are most commonly used to inform roadside as they are easy to install and resilient to weather conditions. But, electronic message centers have also become a popular, illuminated option to warn drivers of upcoming hazards and traffic policy while driving at night and/or at high speeds. If you’re experiencing a high volume of accidents near your business, you can benefit from either of these sign types. 

Workplace protocol

Promoting workplace safety is made easier with signage. This is particularly important in some workplaces like warehouses that require people to do heavy lifting or operate machinery. Signage can inform safety hazards as well as company policies and procedures to ensure employee safety. Cautioning employees not to operate certain machinery without proper training or directing them on proper precautions to take when operating it are just some ways to prevent accidents. 

Banners, pole signs or any other comprehensive signage are effective options for communicating company protocol. 

Recreation policy

Signs can save lives by cautioning people against performing acts due to dangerous conditions. For instance, “No swimming” or “No climbing” signs. Lakes, parks, pools or other recreational spaces can save lives with clear, concise signage. Not only does it encourage safety but it can relieve you of responsibility in the case that an accident does happen.

A traditional pole or post sign are great signage options to brave weather conditions. But, placement is also a player. An Omaha sign company can help you determine the best sign and placement to help your business manage risk.

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