Sign maintenance: prevention and repair

September 29, 2021
Sign maintenance: prevention and repair

When it comes to outdoor signage, nature takes its course. Signs get worn, dirty, and lights go out. Keeping your sign in good, functional condition requires maintenance. An outdoor sign repair company like VitalSigns can help identify and repair any damages to your sign, or determine if it's time to upgrade. Here are some common outdoor sign damages to watch for and some tips to prevent damage and maintain your sign between regular maintenance services with a professional. 




Once your outdoor sign is installed, there are considerations to help extend the quality and lifespan of your signage. Prevent any unnecessary damages with these preventative measures:


Install shade


A shade over your sign protects it from rain and other weather conditions, which could affect its appearance and function. It can also help prevent buildup of dirt and grime, saving you additional professional cleanings. It's an initial investment that will overall save you time and money. 


Invest in the best materials


Your sign is only as good as its fabrication. When you invest in high-quality sign materials to withstand outdoor conditions, you can prevent further upkeep. An outdoor sign will naturally be exposed to rain and weathering so its crucial materials are waterproof and rust-resistant. 


Use a quality foundation and proper placement 


Your foundation is crucial to your sign installation and maintenance. A good sign company will be able to install your signage best according to your foundation. In addition, they will be able to place it so that it is least susceptible to damages. For instance, ensuring that it is not too close to trees, sprinklers or other obstructions.


Keep your sign clean


Your sign’s cleanliness can be critical to its visibility. While you can give it the occasional wipe down, it’s safest to leave deep-cleaning to the experts. Schedule routine maintenance and cleaning services to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris that can disrupt your branding. 




For the repairs that you can’t prevent, enlist the help of an outdoor sign repair company. Services include fixing/changing light bulbs, electrical repair, professional cleanings, touching up paint, and other issues that may occur with your outdoor sign. When it comes to the safety of you and your sign, don’t take matters into your own hands. 


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In seeking an outdoor sign repair company, look no further than VitalSigns. We provide a year warranty and monthly inspections to ensure your sign is in working condition, including any lighting to keep your guests feeling safe and secure. In addition, we offer biannual and annual maintenance to thoroughly inspect your sign for aesthetic damages and dirt. Plus, you can always reach out as issues occur. We will professionally clean and upkeep your sign’s appearance and function. Contact us today!