“Signs” that it’s time to revamp your signage

June 23, 2021
“Signs” that it’s time to revamp your signage

Updating your signage can be a costly and time-consuming process, but when done the right way with the right company, it can be a very profitable investment for your business. Enlist the help of professionals like Omaha sign company VitalSigns to help you find the best, cost-effective option for you. But first, really consider whether you’re overdue for new signage. Here are signs it’s time for a signage makeover. 

It’s been ages

Is your signage outdated? It’s 2021 and that should reflect in how your business presents itself. A great way to catch up with the times is with digital signage. The digital age has brought major innovation to the signage industry, with a wide variety of options for digital signage - fluorescent, high-intensity displays (HID), incandescent, LED, and neon signs, just to name a few. High-tech electronic signs are a quality, customizable and cost-effective option for revamping your indoor or outdoor signage. 

Your sign is damaged

It should go without saying but if your sign is visibly worn or damaged, it's time that it be replaced. If the signage that represents you isn’t sophisticated or functional, customers may think the same about your business. You can opt for the same or similar design with a twist. Take your old, plain sign and replace it with something that pops, like dimensional letters, or 3D letters. The unique letters add depth and “wow” factor that your former, worn lettering can’t. 

You have rebranded

If your business is in the process or looking to fully rebrand, new signage should sit somewhere at the top of your list. Updating your branding is key to meeting the interests and needs of consumers. Vinyl graphics are a great way to display your new branding in a completely customized way. From size to placement, you’re in control! 

It’s too small

Is your storefront signage smaller than you initially realized? Is it difficult to see or being blocked by nearby objects? Rather than replace it with bigger signage, you can pair it with an additional sign to get your message across. A pole sign, near or far, to let customers know about your upcoming storefront can help increase your exposure and traffic. When it comes to signage, just like awareness, you can never have too much! Omaha sign company VitalSigns has all the options to help your business be seen. 

It’s not working

Beyond function, the intended purpose of signage is to drive traffic and sales. If your business is struggling with awareness, replacing your signage can be an effective way to expand your brand’s reach. Your personal or company vehicle could be your best advertising tool. With vehicle graphics, decals and wraps that are easily installed, you can advertise on the go. This way you can be visible to a whole new audience of potential customers.

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