Simple ways to strengthen your brand

February 24, 2021
Simple ways to strengthen your brand

Your company’s brand is one of the most important aspects of your business! It helps to create a visual identity and embodies the value you can provide. Your brand allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors and build loyalty with customers. So, how do you build a strong brand? 

You can create signage from a custom sign shop like VitalSigns that will strengthen your brand with these examples: 

Vehicle wraps 

If you have a company fleet of vehicles, take advantage of them by getting them branded with your business! Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective ways to build your brand through signage. It is estimated that a single branded car could get 30-80 thousand views per day depending on the driving route! Vehicles are ads on wheels that can be used to spread your message all around town! 

Whether the vehicles are driving around, parked in front of your store or even in a parking lot, they are always working to build your brand and get your message across to potential customers. By seeing your sign while out driving, customers can easily recognize who you are when they see another one of your signs or your storefront. 

Interior graphics 

While a lot of attention is given to exterior signs when it comes to branding, there are a multitude of different interior graphics you can also get to strengthen your brand. Interior graphics elaborate on your external message and make great use of your interior space. 

When working with a custom sign shop like VitalSigns, you can create floor graphics, wall murals, window graphics and more to build your brand. Floor graphics can be particularly useful during these COVID-19 times in promoting safety and showing the steps your company is taking. Wall murals can be engaging for customers and give your business an edge in their minds. Window graphics can also be used with a dual purpose: you advertise your brand and also use them to block out sunlight. 

Digital signage 

Digital signage is a great way to enter into the digital age and give your brand a boost. The great thing about digital signage like an electronic message center is that you can switch up your messaging and program different signs to be shown at different times. This allows you to stretch the brand creatively and make everything more personalized. 

By scheduling out your content and having diverse programming, you can reach many different types of customers and keep them from getting bored of your messaging! Not only that but they are more likely to retain your information and not tune it out. 

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