Six tips for creating hiring signage

September 22, 2021
Six tips for creating hiring signage

Employers are struggling to hire new employees amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  Statistically, 38% of recruiters say that the current health crisis is severely impacting their hiring process, while 39% recognize a moderate impact. That being said, employers need to reevaluate their hiring practices. 

“Now hiring” signage is an inexpensive, effective method to assist in recruiting. Utilizing quality signage attracts local candidates, and encourages word-of-mouth as passersby can relay the information to friends and family who might be qualified and interested. Here are some signage design tips to optimize your hiring efforts. 


1. Make it readable

You don’t want to miss out on the perfect candidate because they are out of visual range. When it comes to improving readability - it’s the bigger, the better. Use a large, bold font to catch eyes near and far. That being said, while you might love a light-weight cursive typeface, you should avoid using them and similar styles in your signage. 


2. Stand out

Your signage reflects your brand - and no one wants to work for a seemingly boring company. It’s a given that you include your company name, logo, job title and any other basic information about your business, but, you can separate yourself from competing employers when you reflect your workplace culture. Whether you do so simply by using fun, bright pops of color or using humor in your sign’s content, you can attract the candidate who will fit right in. 


3. Include a QR code/URL

Easily record your recruiting metrics when you include a URL and/or QR code in your signage. While a URL gives potential applicants the source to visit and apply, a QR code allows them to go directly there as quickly as they can pull out their phone and scan. Either way though, you can monitor your application activity and decide whether your current signage design is proving effective in directing applicants to your website. 


4. Be specific 

It’s important to be as thorough as possible in your hiring signage. The phrase “Now hiring” alone isn’t specific enough. Potential applicants want to know: what department is hiring and for what positions, what qualifications you’re looking for, what are your requirements, what is the starting pay - just to name a few. Anticipate these questions and answer them in your signage. 


5. Emphasize hiring/referral bonuses

When it comes to recruiting, money talks. Many businesses are introducing bonuses to new employees in response to the hiring crisis. If this applies to your business, show potential customers their value by including, in addition to starting hourly/salary offers, any additional earning opportunities such as hiring and referral bonuses


6. Provide next steps

Direct applicants to the next step with your signage, whether that is applying in-person, submitting an application online, attending open interviews or calling to check progress on applications. Different businesses have different expectations, but the clearer you can be about yours, the more likely candidates are to see the application process through. 


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As your business navigates the current hiring challenges, consider a hiring signage strategy. When you utilize these tips for effective hiring communication, as well as enlist the help of signage design experts like those at VitalSigns, you can create wide-reaching and attractive hiring signage for increased applicants. Contact us for a free consultation!