Strategies to create effective signage

June 02, 2021
Strategies to create effective signage

Designing and implementing signs that work for your business can be tricky if you are doing it on your own. However, when you work with our outdoor signs Omaha experts, you can maximize profits, attract more customers and build brand awareness with effective signs. 

These are the top strategies our experts recommend: 

1. Prioritize readability

If a customer cannot read your sign, then what is the point? In order to create effective signage, your sign needs to be legible from a distance. This means that even customers driving by in a car will be able to easily read and comprehend what your sign is saying. One way to prioritize the readability of your signs is to utilize contrast. This means having a dark background with light letters or vice versa. Another trick to try is to make sure that your sign has plenty of white space, or space free from designs and text. This will help make your customer’s eyes go straight to the information you want them to focus on. 

2. Pick compelling colors

You want the color scheme of your sign to be on brand and match your other marketing materials, but you also want to pick colors that are going to stick out. It is okay to go with some colors that are outside your brand color wheelhouse, as long as they match with some of the ones that are. Also, keep in mind that colors that are trendy today may not be as trendy next year. You want to go with colors that will stand the test of time and not make your brand look outdated and old. 

3. Don’t forget about fonts

Picking all the right colors and all the right images will only matter if you have the right font. For ultimate readability, a bold font with uniform thickness throughout would be best. It may be tempting to go with the “fancier” font with lots of loops and twists, but those are harder to comprehend and read from a distance. You want a font with as few embellishments as possible. Our outdoor signs Omaha experts also say that it can also be useful to increase the spacing in between every letter on your sign.

4. Put it in its rightful place 

Placing your sign in one spot over another can greatly influence its effectiveness. Your readable sign in the perfect colors with the best font will do absolutely nothing if no one can see it! There are many factors to consider when thinking about where to place your new sign, but one of the biggest considerations is what type of sign it is. Place wayfinding signs in plain sight where customers are most likely to look and notice. Place your sales signs near your sales items and where you want your customers to go. Place your branded signs and ones designed to attract new customers outside or on your storefront where they can gain the attention of someone passing by.  

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