The benefits of digital menu boards

September 15, 2021
The benefits of digital menu boards

For restaurants and cafes, a menu board is the best way to display your items. A quality sign that visually displays your menu items could be the difference between a customer staying or driving off. As you design your establishment’s menu board, you are faced with choosing between a traditional or digital display.




Digital signage is the modern, superior solution to menu boards. Not only are they appealing, but they are functional to accommodate your restaurant’s evolving needs. An Omaha sign company like VitalSigns has effective digital menu boards to help you make sales and improve the guest experience.


Customer perception


Customer opinion is overall what keeps guests coming back. What does digital signage say about your business? It says that you embrace progress and the modern digital age. It says that you keep up with the current trends. It says that you care about giving your customers the absolute best experience in your establishment by saving them time and meeting their need for visualization.


Customization and automation


It’s easy to keep your menu up to date when you opt for the digital format. While a traditional printed menu needs to be redesigned and printed to reflect changes to your menu items and prices, a digital board utilizes a cloud system that allows you to alter your menu design anywhere, any time. Thus, saving you time and money when you work with an Omaha sign company on your digital menu board.

The ability to change your menu quickly and easily enables you to use your space wisely. Advertising just your current menu items, including any limited-time, seasonal items and specials. Rather than having every possible option, you can “daypart” customizing your menu to breakfast, lunch and dinner options using automation technology for instant updates. Save your customers the hassle of more reading and create more space for visuals.


Time saving


Streamline the ordering process when you have additional menu space for visuals. The more imagery, the better. Rather than wordy displays that take customers minutes to scan through, photos and videos make ordering significantly easier so customers can make decisions quickly. This further saves the customers behind them in line from a longer wait time. In fact, digital signage reduces perceived wait time by over 35%.


Profitability and savings


With more space and the ability to constantly adapt your menu, you can upsell more effectively. Whether it be the tempting power of more visual elements or having the room to push your current deals and specials, customers are more likely to add on to their order. Restaurant owners have seen their revenue increase anywhere between 5-8% when installing a digital menu board.

While a digital menu board might initially be the more expensive investment, it is more profitable and it will serve cheaper over time since, as mentioned, a traditional board requires frequent replacement. 


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If you’re a new business looking to equip your drive-thru or you want to upgrade your current menu board to something more customizable, a digital board is the way to go! The Omaha sign company VitalSigns is equipped with all the tools and expertise to design, manufacture, install and maintain your digital menu board. Contact us for a free menu board consultation to talk about your business’ options!