The benefits of interior signage

April 28, 2021
The benefits of interior signage

A lot of business owners make the mistake of prioritizing exterior signage over interior signage. After all, exterior signs are what draw a customer inside your store, right? While that is true, interior signs can affect a customer’s overall experience with your business, and be a determining factor in whether or not they return to your store or make a purchase. 

Our custom sign shop project managers go over some of the main benefits you can gain from interior signage. 

1. Builds your brand

First impressions are everything, particularly to first-time customers! A bad first impression may mean that they never go back for a second one. By having interior signage posted throughout your store, or in the front area of your lobby, you can brand yourself better. 

Make sure the signs are branded in your colors, have your name and logo on them to make a memorable impression. By having these elements present in all of, or most of, your interior signs the more likely a customer will remember you and start the journey towards brand loyalty. 

2. Allows for indoor advertisements

Attract customers to seasonal sales and promotions with interior signage! This works great for new launches, limited-edition releases, and discounts! If it’s not a sale sign that drew them into your store, these signs can help to draw their attention to the products or services you are pushing. Not just promotional content, you can use signs to also showcase products that aren’t doing as well, and use interior signage to show what makes them so great and boost their sales. 

3. Improves aesthetics

The overall ambiance of your store can also be improved with interior signage! Customize your boring white walls into beautiful wall murals, or add an eye-catching and Instagram worthy lit-up sign! Our custom sign shop project managers have seen these things become increasingly popular among new shops and hangout locations. By adding some of these unique features, you can make your store more appealing and improve the customer experience. Bring to life the atmosphere you want to communicate to consumers. 

4. Provide information

Your exterior signage may provide information about store hours and your phone number, but what about purchasing questions and information? Your sales associates and inside staff may not always be available to answer customer’s questions, and so having interior signage that answers common questions would be helpful. This can also influence customers' purchase behaviors! An estimated 30 percent of customers will make their choice based on information they gain from store signs. 

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