The benefits of refreshing your brand

May 05, 2021
The benefits of refreshing your brand

At one point or another, many businesses can benefit from a brand refresh. You hear over and over again how important it is to keep a consistent brand image and build a strong brand identity, but what if you are missing out on an important opportunity? Keeping the look and feel of your brand fresh could be key in becoming a top industry company. 

Our sign design and installation experts go over the top benefits your company can get from going through a brand refresh. 

1. Connect with new customers (and reconnect with old

One of the biggest advantages of a brand refresh is the connection you form with customers! By focusing on and promoting new aspects of your brand, you can reach a new audience to connect with. In an ever-changing market, a rebrand can be what you need to create new growth. Similarly, if old customers didn’t understand or connect with your previous messaging, you can reach them now with the new message. 

2. Set yourself apart from the competition

As your business grows and develops, you may begin to notice that your offerings and branding match up similarly with your biggest local competitors. A rebrand can then differentiate yourself and allows you to promote what makes your company unique. Show your customers that you are the experts in your field and an industry leader. 

3. Stay relevant

When your company’s brand is current, you guarantee that your company is on top of all the latest design trends. Our sign design and installation experts say that being on top of design trends is important because it shows your customers that you care about changing to meet their needs and can help them perceive you in a better light. 

4. Reflect new values 

2020 and 2021 have been big years for change, maybe it’s time that your branding reflects that! This rebrand can show new products or services you offer, or even new goals you are hoping to achieve. If you have made a goal of being a more eco-friendly company, then refresh your brand so that it shows your new goal to customers. Plus, this shows to the world that your company is evolving and responds to real world challenges. 

5. Increase profits

When people recognize a brand they are more likely to purchase its products or services. So it makes sense that creating a more likable, up-to-date brand that attracts more customers will increase your bottom line and lead to more profits. However, it’s not just that a brand refresh can lead to more purchases, but it can bring in better talent, bring better customer loyalty, and a larger target market. 

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Going through a brand refresh can be an immense project, but you don’t have to do it alone! Our sign design and installation experts can help you to create a new logo, and update all existing signage to reflect your new brand! Just contact us to learn more and schedule a free business consultation.