The benefits of vehicle wraps

December 16, 2020
The benefits of vehicle wraps

A big part of branding is forming cohesiveness among all aspects of your business. Many companies then in turn make sure that all of their content, social media and external content ring true to their brand. However, one aspect that can be overlooked is your company vehicles. 

While there are many advantages to vehicle wraps and why you should get them for your company cars, our car graphics omaha experts go over the top reasons. 

1. Local exposure

While having an updated website and online promotional efforts is important, they can reach anywhere in the world. By getting a vehicle wrap, your marketing efforts stay in your exact geographical location. More and more customers are preferring to do business with local companies and with your vehicle wraps you are creating exposure and cementing your brand as local. People in your area who do business with you can then refer you to other local customers, and in turn, you start to create a solid local customer base– all from a vehicle wrap! 

2. Cost effective

Normally when you get a new sign or promotional item for your business, you have to create one. Vehicle wraps are different because you already own the vehicle! There can be a one-time upfront cost of actually wrapping the vehicle, but it is typically a fraction of the cost of other long-term marketing strategies. Plus, you can use it to generate business for years after the installation process.

3. Eye-catching 

When you are out and about driving around, you see hundreds and possibly thousands of vehicles. Most of them are your typical colors of white, black, grey, etc., so when we see something different, our eyes are immediately drawn to it. This is why vehicle wraps can get so much attention! Our car graphics Omaha experts explain that while you will want to use your vehicle to grab attention, it is also important to make sure that any information put on the vehicle is easy to read and understand. 

4. Mobile

Your vehicle can go anywhere, which means you could reach a wider audience with a vehicle wrap than other forms of print marketing. For example, getting an outdoor post or panel sign will only reach the people who go past it, but a vehicle can drive in many different locations and reach different people. Around 8.4 million people will see a company’s wrapped vehicle in a 12 month period. Multiply that by a couple of different vehicles, and your company is getting a lot of exposure! 

5. Easy to customize

Another benefit that our car graphics Omaha experts love is that vehicle wraps are very customizable and easy to change. If you decide to develop a new logo, or go through a rebranding process, you do not have to go get a brand new car. You can just rewrap the one that you already have. Plus, vehicle wraps come in all different shapes and sizes. You can get a full vehicle wrap or a partial one. It is completely up to you to decide how much of your vehicle to use. 

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