The best signage for your storefront

March 24, 2021
The best signage for your storefront

Your storefront is an integral part of your business’ brand. How it looks could be the deciding factor on whether or not a customer enters your store. Storefronts are highly visible, can attract customers and draw them in. There are various styles, materials and designs you can utilize for your storefront sign. Check out some of the best options that our outdoor signs Omaha experts recommend! 

Window graphics

Eye-catching, colorful window graphics come with a lot of benefits for your business. You can use them to expand on your brand and create a vinyl stick on design that is unique to your business and intrigues potential customers. You can also use window graphics as an opportunity to display your storefront hours and highlight promotions. One of the best parts of window displays is that you already have the window space, you just need to work with our outdoor signs Omaha experts to create the sign! 

Channel Letters

Channel letters are an extremely popular option for storefront signs. Everything about them is highly visible and promotes awareness for your company. They are large enough to see and can be read clearly from a distance, and they come in a light-up form that makes your sign easy to see at night. They are also extremely customizable and can be made to fit any company’s brand standards. 


Getting a branded awning for your storefront provides practical and promotional benefits! Awnings are practical because they create a more usable space, offer protection from extreme weather and can help you to save money on your heating and cooling bills. When you get a branded awning you gain its practical benefits while also advertising your brand. Awnings project out from your building and can make your business stand out and catch more customers’ attention. 

Monument signs

For storefronts that are hidden away and harder to see, our outdoor signs Omaha experts recommend a monument sign! They are placed outside of a business somewhere customers can see so they know your company is there. You can create your monument sign to match your other business signs and maintain brand consistency. 


When looking for a sign to promote special events and sales, a banner sign is perfect for you! Banners can be hung up on your storefront so that your new sale is featured prominently for all to see. By displaying your sale in this way, you can reach new customers and drive more traffic to your store. In fact, one survey found that 65 percent of consumers reported that they purchased a product or service based solely on the fact that they saw an attractive sign about it! 

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