The custom sign process

March 10, 2021
The custom sign process

A custom sign can be one of the best marketing techniques a company can utilize, as well as an effective tool to strengthen their brand. It can make the decision to get a sign an easy one knowing that so many benefits accompany it. However, no matter if it is your first sign or your hundredth, it is always beneficial to know the process of getting a new sign from a custom sign shop like VitalSigns! 

1. Discover the need for a sign

The very first step that comes in the sign making process is discovering the need for a sign. You may have a sale or promotion that you want to spread the word about, or perhaps an already existing sign is starting to fall apart. Your business could also be going through a rebranding process that would require all new signage to be made. Once the need for a sign has been discovered, you will need to talk with a custom sign shop about what types of signs will fill that need. 

2. Learn about the different sign types 

There are many different types of signs that can all help you to achieve a different business goal. Depending on what reason you choose for creating a new sign will significantly impact your decision on what type to get.  Vehicle wraps can help you to spread your messaging all across the city to potential new customers, whereas window graphics will only be seen by people who walk by your storefront. Electronic message centers are best for switching up the information and can be used to display many messages at different times. At VitalSigns, we have experienced project managers who can help you to decide what sign may be best for you. 

3. Start your design

When working with a custom sign shop like VitalSigns, we have in-house designers who can work with you to create stunning, branded signs. This is when you decide what type of materials you would like to be used, what colors, what fonts, if you should include your logo and so much more. A lot of the answers to these questions can be found in your brand book, but ultimately it can be designed however you see fit. This will help to make sure it is visually appealing and sets you apart from the competition!

4. Manufacture your sign

Once you have finished with the design of your sign, it is time to actually create it! This will be done off-site from your business at a separate facility. At VitalSigns, this is when we use the highest quality materials to create a long-lasting and vibrant sign!

5. Installation 

The tricky part about installing your new sign is making sure that you have the appropriate city permits and your landlord's permission. Fortunately, when you work with a custom sign shop like VitalSigns, we take care of it all! We come with all the necessary tools, equipment and approvals before we start our job. Once your brand new sign has been placed, we also clean up after ourselves so your business looks good as new. 

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