The importance of font choice for your signage

June 30, 2021
The importance of font choice for your signage

There are many elements to determining the best font for your signage. Font style, size, color, spacing, case and content are all key factors to consider when designing your signage. A signage design company like VitalSigns can assist in the process of deciding which font will be most effective for your signs. After all, font choice is very important increasing awareness and understanding of your brand - here’s why:

Visibility and readability

Readability is the most important factor in your decision. Your choice of font directly affects the visibility and readability of your sign. Create a legible sign to increase awareness and understanding of your business. You can do this by ensuring, first, that the font is large enough to be seen. 

Location can impact this based upon the distance it can be seen or nearby elements that could conflict with view. You also want the size and placement of the font to reflect a hierarchy of importance with the key information large and central and less crucial information smaller and less focused. 

Certain styles can also be increasingly difficult to see and read. It’s crucial you choose something bold enough to be visible. Certain font styles with specific words can also be easily confused or misread. It is important that the two pair well together to make it easy to read. 

Setting the tone

Font choice sets the tone for customer interest and expectations. The psychology of fonts acknowledges that different font styles make common impressions. For instance, these fonts are associated with these characteristics:

  • Serif - Stable, established, formal

  • Slab Serif - Powerful, strong, masculine

  • Sans Serif - Progressive, informal, open

  • Modern - Chic, futuristic, elegant

  • Script - Creative, fun, amusing

  • Display - Individual, Unique, Adaptable

So, once you have identified your brand’s audience and personality, you can find a font that helps further that identity and sets the tone for your brand through your signage. 

Consistency of design

The font you choose should be cohesive with the other elements of your branding - whether you choose to go for something new or stay consistent with previously used fonts. The font can make or break your sign by either highlighting your branding or disrupting it. 

Keeping your font consistent with the rest of your branding will help increase brand recognition but using a new one that complements it can work just as well, as long as you don’t exceed three font styles in one sign. Either way, you need to choose a font that contributes to the larger cohesive design. A professional signage design company like ours can help you identify the best fit. 

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