Tips for creating an eye catching outdoor sign

November 11, 2020
Tips for creating an eye catching outdoor sign

The whole point of getting a sign for your business is so you can grab customers attention and hopefully get them interested in your product or service. Outdoor commercial signs can be a great way to attract people from the outside, and get them interested enough to check out the inside of your business. It can be someone’s first impression of your brand, so it is important to make it stand out from the crowd of other signs and eye catching enough to grab their attention in the first place. 

This can be easier said than done, but luckily, our sign experts have some tips on creating eye catching outdoor commercial signs! 

1. K.I.S.S

The acronym K.I.S.S. really boils down to Keep It Simple Silly. This means that you should not try and overcomplicate what goes on your sign. Keep your message clear and simple. If you can get your point across in five words instead of twelve, then go for it! More than likely, people will be reading your sign while they are on the go. This means that they will not have time to read a full paragraph, so the shorter the better. 

2. Size Matters

Size comes into play in two ways when designing your outdoor commercial signs. First is in reference to the actual size of the sign. If you are looking for something to go right outside your door, then a smaller sign might be best, but if you want people to be able to see it from far away then you have to go with a larger size. Size also matters when it comes to the font on the sign. No matter where you place your sign, in order for someone to see it when they are walking or driving by, the font has to be big enough for passersby to easily read from a few feet away. 

Not everyone has 20/20 vision, but a good rule of thumb is 10 feet per inch. So a font that is 3 inches tall can be seen 30 feet away and a font that is 10 inches tall can be seen 100 feet away

3. Contrast is important

Utilizing contrast can also help to make your sign more easily read. This means that when you are picking what colors to use for your outdoor commercial signs, you want to think in lights and darks. If you have a dark background, then you should use a lighter font and vice versa. If the colors are too similar in hue, your message can get lost. Although using a border or a shadow behind your lettering can help alleviate this problem. 

4. Use bright colors

Brighter colors will always grab people’s attention better than everyday colors. Oftentimes, color can play a huge role in identifying a brand as well. Just think about Coca-Cola or McDonalds– their brand is easily identifiable just by the colors that they use. There are studies that say that 80 percent of trademarks are recognized based on their color. 

5. Include a call to action

If you want people to see your sign, then there must be a reason for it. Either you are trying to drum up more business, or maybe you are advertising for a current sale that is happening, but either way, your sign should always be asking your potential customers to do something. This can either be “Come inside,” “Buy one get one,” or “Talk to a specialist” depending on what your intentions are. 

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