Tips for effective holiday retail signage

October 20, 2021
Tips for effective holiday retail signage

With the holiday season right around the corner, it's time for retailers to start considering how to increase ROI this year. While the quarter is profitable by nature, accounting for 19-40% of retailers’ total annual sales, it is also a very competitive time in retail, so don’t get complacent. One way you can further drive traffic and maximize sales is through seasonal signage. 

Holiday signage allows you to engage customers, promote limited-time products and services to increase sales, represent your brand values, create brand loyalty and a better customer experience. Reap these benefits with custom seasonal signage from a professional Omaha sign company like VitalSigns. Use these tips in designing your holiday signage!

  1. Be visual

Orange and black are to Halloween what red and green are to Christmas. In designing your holiday graphics and signage, be visual. When you coordinate the theme and colors to be consistent with the holiday, less explanation is necessary. Be creative with your signage - but use tradition as your guide to simplify your process.

  1. Brighten things up

‘Tis the season to sparkle. Illuminated signage fits with the holiday aesthetic and improves functionality by increasing readability and visibility. Illuminated signs also allow you to highlight key information and communication. Not to mention it’s eye-catching enough to attract potential customers from the outside to increase store traffic and sales. 

  1. Display sales, limited-time offers

Emphasize timeliness in your holiday sign content. With gift-giving season around the corner, people are in a rush to purchase. They’re also looking to save, with 65% of holiday shoppers looking to make their purchases in part with promotions. Take advantage of this urgency by displaying any sales or limited-time offers. Guests will be more driven to purchase in order to take advantage of the deal or discount. If you can’t capitalize on that initial visit, you risk losing a sale entirely. 

  1. Manage store traffic with wayfinding

With stores being increasingly busy due to holiday shopping, it's important to manage store traffic. Take Black Friday, for instance. The consumer holiday is infamous for crowding and long lines. Wayfinding signage such as floor graphics can help you maintain reasonable distance among shoppers and manage wait times. A professional Omaha sign company can help you implement a wayfinding system to manage your store congestion effectively. 

  1. Place strategically

The location of your displays are critical. Prioritize high-traffic areas for your sign placement to maximize their reach. Also, position your displays so that they are most visible and readable, not too high, too far or too obstructed to be seen. Make sure, too, that where you place your signage makes the most sense. For instance, if you’re promoting a holiday sale, place your materials next to the eligible items to avoid customer confusion. 


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