Uses for sports signage

October 06, 2021
Uses for sports signage

Sports events are about more than the game alone, but the overall atmosphere and experience. For both guests and teams, signage is an integral part of a successful event. In addition to contributing to the stadium design and feel, it can serve in promoting, recruiting and navigating for a better event outcome and customer experience. 

In preparing and executing any sporting event, invest in quality graphics designed by professional Omaha sign makers like VitalSigns. No matter the league, sports signage can assist your arena or stadium in the following ways:


Creating hype


An excited and energetic crowd is key to a great sporting event. Signage can help create just that. Personalization through custom graphics with your team colors, mascot, logo, photos, and other brand identifiers will drive team spirit and pride. A good crowd is also a full crowd. Like any other event, sports require promotion to maximize attendance. 

One sign method that can help increase your team visibility and increase event presence as a result, is vehicle wrapping. Promotion on wheels allows you to reach a wider audience of potential attendees. Get thorough by listing your season schedule on your customized car wrap or decal. 


Improving game visibility


Depending on seating, guests might have difficulty following the live game. Digital signage that displays the game creates equal viewing opportunity in your facility. Place these signs strategically to reach any blind spots for your audience. In addition, no game is complete without scorekeeping signage. A quality scoreboard allows fans to keep track of your team’s score and performance, in case they do miss anything. 


Increasing profit


Funding sports teams and events can be pricey. Utilizing signage for selling ad space and recognizing partners and sponsors allows you to earn additional revenue to put back into your program and future games. Banners are commonly used to pay homage to sponsors but digital signage is another profitable option. Digital sign technology offers a customizable experience so you can service more partners and increase revenue even further. 


Recruiting talent


Does signage translate to signings? In the recruitment process, sports organizations need to make themselves stand out amongst competing teams. Welcome potential recruits with signs that well-reflect your team culture and capability. You’ve earned your bragging rights. Accomplishments, like championships, player performance and total game wins, are certainly worth noting in your arena signage to maximize recruits. Wall graphics, banners and plaques are just some potential ways to “flex” your team achievements. Omaha sign makers can help you to determine your best option.


Directing guests and managing traffic


Locating your seats or finding the bathroom at sporting events isn’t an easy task, and without wayfinding signage, the process would be bordering impossible. Assist guests in navigating and help manage facility traffic with extensive directional and identifying signage. Earning potential doesn’t stop at ticket sales. When guests are able to easily find your other products and services, such as food and beverage or merchandise, you can maximize earnings and earn positive reviews.


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