Wayfinding signs you can get for your business

November 17, 2020
Wayfinding signs you can get for your business

No one really likes to have to ask for directions, most people prefer to be self-sufficient and figure it out on their own. This is one reason why wayfinding signs are important for businesses, campuses and communities as a whole. They allow people to know where they are going with minimal stress, and now in the midst of a pandemic, wayfinding signs are more important than ever.

Here are some wayfinding signs your business can consider getting from VitalSigns, one of the best Omaha sign companies

1. Parking lot signs

If you have ever forgotten where you have parked before, you already understand the significance that parking lot signs can have. Having parking lot signs gives customers a frame of reference to remember where they are parked. Experts from our Omaha sign companies say that even something as simple as having an “A” sign in one section, a “B” sign in another and so on, can help people to more easily find their cars. Parking lot signs can also be used to direct the flow of traffic so cars do not run into one another. 

2. Directory signs

If you have a large building or campus, directory signs help to direct people where they need to go. UNMC had this problem with people coming in and not knowing their way around or where to go. UNMC talked with Omaha sign companies and installed directory signs that had different departments listed and directional arrows that showed people which direction to go to reach their destination. 

3. Identification signs

Identification signs is probably the most popular type of wayfinding signage that a lot of businesses have. Kind of like a nametag, identification signs point out what something is. If you are in the Marketing department, then an identification sign will say “Marketing Department.” Another example is the door that leads to a stairwell will have an identification sign that says “Stairs” on it. 

4. Regulatory signs

Regulatory signs help your business and facility to stay safe and can help you to set boundaries with customers. Most often used to enforce traffic laws, businesses can also use regulatory signs to establish and enforce their own rules. For example putting a “No Smoking,” sign outside of your front door informs customers that your business is a smoke free zone. An “Employees Only” sign outside of an employee lounge or “No Pets Allowed,” are also examples of regulatory signs. 

5. COVID-19 signs

It’s important for your business to include COVID-19 signs that define your new protocols that have been developed thanks to this new world that we live in. These signs can help customers to feel more comfortable and safe as they enter into your business. These signs can include a “Mask Required,” sign or signs that direct people to a hand sanitizer station. Another helpful wayfinding signage technique you can implement is showing customers how far six feet is so that they can maintain the recommended amount of distance between other customers. 

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