Ways to add “wow” to your signage

June 16, 2021
Ways to add “wow” to your signage

It’s not enough for potential customers to just see your sign, you want it to have a lasting impression on them. Make guests say “wow” at your unique and custom signage with the help of a signage design company like VitalSigns. 

Outdoor signs

The customer experience starts outside. Your outdoor signage is crucial in getting guests through those front doors and into your store to purchase. Design your perfect storefront and even advertise on the go with attention-grabbing outdoor signage

Stand out

When designing your signage, be bold. Elements like font type, font size and color are all contributing factors. And what could be bolder for your storefront than 3-dimensional signage? 

Channel letters are 3D, individual metal elements cut to form letters, numbers, symbols or images. They’re an excellent way to display your company name, logo and even slogan. 

Channel letters come in a range of shapes, sizes and colors and you can even opt for a lit-up sign to better display at night. These are a great way to set yourself apart from other companies. 

Make it stick

The ability to advertise with a variety of different objects is very beneficial. The more access to the signage, the more likely it makes an impression. Vinyl lettering is a quick and easy way to get creative.

It acts as a sticker so it can be installed on nearly any surface including but not limited to windows and office doors. These are popular locations as they can be viewed by passersby and could prompt them to pay you a visit.

Go mobile

Your vehicle can be your best on the go advertising tool. Expand your visibility and reach by taking your business signage everywhere you go. Vehicle graphics, decals and wraps all allow you to go beyond your storefront which can drive customers in who might not otherwise even know about your business. 

Be informative

You don’t just “wow” with your visuals but also with the content of your business. Despite being the traditional option, a banner can be just as effective at “wowing” potential customers. A banner is a great way to be more thorough at defining your business and its products and services so that you can produce a customer base.

Indoor signs

Once your outdoor signage gets them through the door, your indoor signage should keep them there to take advantage of your products and services. There are a number of options to keep your customers' attention with indoor signs. 

Use the element of surprise

Walls are common for signage placement as they are likely to be noticed but don’t confine yourself to the typical. You can surprise and excite your customers by presenting your signage somewhere they might not expect like the floor, ceiling or even a table or other flat surface. Vinyl graphics are a great opportunity to present your business in a fun and creative way. It can act as signage and decor at the same time. 

Go digital

Nothing grabs attention like an electronic sign. Bright colors coupled with an electronic sign is the perfect duo to attract current and potential customers. There is no shortage of options, either. You, with the help of VitalSigns, a signage design company, can decide which sign works best for your business between fluorescent, high-intensity displays (HID), incandescent, LED neon signs and more. 

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