Ways to incorporate QR codes into your business signage

July 21, 2021
Ways to incorporate QR codes into your business signage

QR codes, or quick response codes, are barcode images smartphone users can scan using their camera to navigate directly to any URL. With the increase of digitalization, QR codes can be utilized to serve businesses in many ways. When it comes to your custom banners and signs, incorporating QR codes into your business’ signage is an affordable and easy way to increase efficiency, traffic and implement touchless alternatives to printed materials. Here are just some of the ways your business can use QR codes in your signage:

Website/Social media traffic

QR codes work naturally to direct traffic to your business’ website or social media platforms. Whether to shop products and services or as part of an interactive social media campaign, this is a quick, effective way to navigate potential customers to your site to expand your digital reach. These interactions could further translate into customer loyalty and business traffic and sales. 

Check in

If you’re looking for a way to manage appointments or just get a headcount, a QR code offers more accessible check in. It also provides a contactless option that saves your customers and employees time, thus saving you money. Placing the barcode on a banner that attendees can scan upon entering your facility would provide a both accessible and accurate check in system. 

Printed material alternative

You can also save money on printed marketing materials by using the newly popularized sign and QR code duo. Signage has been forced to adapt due to COVID-19. That being said, touchless materials are in high demand to help prevent the transmission of contact spread diseases. Providing a QR code on your custom banners and signs not only gives quick and easy access to necessary information, but safe and sustainable access, as well. A restaurant, for instance, could install QR code graphics on each table to prompt customers to their menu without the germs of reusable menus or the waste of paper alternatives. 

Surveys or reviews

Having customers give their opinions via surveys or reviews is a great way to gather feedback so that your business can evolve to be effective. But, getting them to participate isn’t easy. QR codes are a better alternative to URLs as they provide convenient access with less room for the error that is associated with typing out URLs. 

Coupons and discounts

Discounts are the perfect incentive to get shoppers through the door. QR codes are a fast and easy method for coupons and discounts. Rather than remembering a code or trying to locate your physical coupon, QR codes simplify the process for both cashiers and couponers. Placing the code near qualifying items or services and/or at the register for easy application ensures the customer gets their discount without any confusion or hassle. 

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