What holiday signage you should get for your business

November 24, 2020
What holiday signage you should get for your business

This year has been crazy to say the least, and lots of businesses have had to get creative in order to keep their doors open and make it past 2020. As we enter into the holiday season, businesses will have to continue to adapt in order to stand out amongst the crowd and direct consumers to shop with them instead of competitors. 

The holiday’s are usually one of the busiest times of the year and can lead to an increase in sales as people go out shopping for presents. Take advantage of the season by getting a holiday sign for your business from VitalSigns, a great sign company Omaha NE offers. 

Check out how you can incorporate holiday signage into your business: 

1. Window decals

Every storefront has windows, might as well put them to good use this holiday season! Windows provide the perfect opportunity to set up signs that can be seen from the outside, but will not face inclement weather or pedestrian harm because they reside on the inside. This is especially good for companies who are based in buildings with restrictions against decorating the glass itself because the sign can easily be put up and removed without any actual changes made to the window. 

2. Outdoor signage

Outdoor signs are a great way to attract first time buyers to your business. By creating an outdoor holiday sign, people can easily see what your holiday sales and products are before even having to enter into your business. By following tips like keep your sign big, simple and use bold colors, you can create an eye-catching outdoor holiday sign! 

3. Banners

Getting a custom holiday banner made for your business can be a great promotional tool used during the season. One of the big draws of custom banners is that they are easily put up and taken down, with little to no hassle involved. Plus they can be used for indoor advertising and outdoor advertising! Vinyl is one of the most popular materials for banners and is great for hanging outdoors. Vinyl can stick on a surface for many years without showing signs of wear and tear, and can stand up against the outside elements. 

4. Floor graphics

Holiday shopping is something that a lot of people look forward to every year, but with a pandemic going on, many people want to spend as little time indoors as possible. One way to help customers with this is to help keep your store in order and provide directional signage to all the holiday displays, popular items and sales. You can do this through ordering floor graphics from VitalSigns, an amazing sign company Omaha NE has. These floor graphics can lead from the entrance to the seasonal supplies and help consumers feel more at ease. 

5. Illuminated signs

Illuminated signs put a twist on the ordinary and take regular signs and make them back-lit. Illuminated signs help you to get more out of your holiday signage by making them more visible. Not only do back-lit signs attract a customer's eye, but it can do so even at night. There’s no denying that a sign that is brightly lit up is easier to see on a dark grey day or once the sun goes down.

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