Why signage is good for your business

November 04, 2020
Why signage is good for your business

A lot of businesses have had to shut down or minimize their operations due to the coronavirus outbreak. A creative sign can be what sets you apart from the competition, and what can plant a seed in a customer's mind for when business goes back to normal and create future sales. Getting a new sign from us, one of the best sign shops Omaha has, is a great way to create future business.

Types of Signs

We do all types of signs for your business. We can do indoor signs, outdoor signs, vinyl signs and more. We can custom make any sign for your business that you would like. We can even wrap your vehicles! 


Your sign will function as a silent salesman that can “pitch” your business, 24 hours a day! Exterior signs can draw customers in, differentiate you from another business and it should be an essential part of any company's marketing plan. As one of the best sign shops Omaha has, we know that signs reinforce your company's brand and logo which can generate more sales in the end.

Interior signs that can lead to impulse purchasing from consumers and businesses can use signs to draw attention to promotions they have. Plus, signs never take a break and can have continuous success for your business. 


Signs are a cost effective way for businesses to market themselves. Especially signs that are off-premise can draw up business. FedEx in conjunction with a small marketing firm and Ketchum Global Research and Analytics found some interesting statistics that go with signage. 

Almost 76 percent of people entered a business they had never heard of or shopped at before because of its signage. Around 60 percent of businesses said that changing their design on a sign and increasing its visibility helped to increase customer traffic into their stores. Plus, 50 percent of people said that poorly lit and designed signs actually deterred them from entering the business. 

Basically, the study concluded that signs are very important to your business, according to both your customers and your sales. Signs can help your business stand out and introduce customers to your location. 


Of all the signs shops Omaha has, we know that signs work so well because they increase customers' awareness of your brand. Digital signage, in particular, can increase your brand awareness to customers by 47.7 percent and increase your sales numbers by 30 percent. Digital signage can even affect customer loyalty and the experience they have with your business. 

Signs are great because they are flexible and can be more personalized to the needs of your consumers. Consumers are bombarded with advertising every day, so they have selective memory of which ones they choose to remember. Signage has an edge up because it is unfamiliar and not overdone. 

The important thing to remember is to keep your signage relevant to your audience. Make sure it will be something they like and will engage with in order to reap the full benefits of what your sign can offer. Working with our graphic designers can help to ensure that your sign will be eye-catching and pertinent. 

Now that you know how signage is good for your business, what's stopping you from coming in and making one of your own? Visit one of the best sign shops Omaha has, and work with us to make your business shine.