Why you need an electronic message center

February 03, 2021
Why you need an electronic message center

An electronic message center (EMC) can help your business to enter into this new digital age. You can say goodbye to static signs and make sure you have an eye-catching and unique sign by getting an EMC from VItalSigns, one of the best sign shops Omaha NE has. Getting an EMC can help you to send out personalized messages without the limitations of normal signs. 

What exactly is an EMC?

An EMC is a sign that can show words, symbols and images that are displayed digitally and can be changed or removed from a remote location. This means that the sign does not have to be manually put on or taken off, but the images can traditionally be shown with LED displays and are very maintenance friendly and energy efficient. 

What benefits accompany an EMC

1 . Visibility

In order to catch the attention of passing motorists in a vehicle, your sign needs to be highly visible and eye-catching. Getting an EMC from one of the sign shops Omaha NE will help you to achieve this because the copy changes and the letters are illuminated. These can help your messaging to not only be noticed, but it can be seen at greater distances and can be read even in poor lighting.  Plus, because of their lighting, they can be noticed and read 24 hours a day giving your sign and messaging more exposure. This will help your brand at the forefront of customers' minds, and the more they see it, the more they will remember you. 

2. Flexibility

Unlike traditional signs, with an EMC, you can develop many different messages to display all at the same time without having to create multiple signs. Your EMC can cycle through different messages at timed intervals that you set up and schedule. 

Not only is there flexibility in the amount of messaging you can cycle through but also in their timing. For example, you can always change your EMC to display your latest sales. If Monday you have 10 percent off sales, and Tuesday is buy on get one, your EMC can display the correct messaging on the correct days! 

3. Profitability

These innovative signs are proven to help increase sales and improve your bottom line. Researchers from the University of Cincinnati Economics Center discovered that the breakeven point for an EMC was between three and 15 months, with almost all businesses finding that the sign pays for itself in less than a year while simultaneously adding to the bottom line for the rest of its life. 

These signs are extremely cost efficient because you are able to update and change your content at no additional costs. Once you pay the initial upfront costs and minor maintenance fees as they arise, you are able to enjoy hundreds of signs with your new EMC. 

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