Winter maintenance for your signs

February 17, 2021
Winter maintenance for your signs

If you are looking to get a new sign, or have recently gotten a sign for your business, chances are that you want it to stay looking as nice as possible for the years to come. This means taking care of your signs and knowing the proper maintenance procedures to perform. This is especially important during the winter when below freezing temperatures and small windows of daylight are taking place. 

Our outdoor signs Omaha experts go over some things you can do to maintain your signs throughout winter. 

Account for winter weather

When you are first designing your sign, you are going to need to think about winter weather conditions. With freezing temperatures, snowfall, sleet and more to account for you will want to make sure that your sign is made with durable materials that can withstand weather elements. By working with professionals like our outdoor signs Omaha experts from VitalSigns, you can have peace of mind that the hardware used will be rated for outdoor use. 

Look for light outages 

One of the other pitfalls of winter, other than the weather conditions, is that it can get dark out extremely quickly. Having a lighted sign will help to alleviate some of that darkness, but only if it is working properly. Having burned out bulbs or dimmed lights can project a poor business image! It would be in your best interest to do a weekly self-inspection of your signage to make sure everything is working and bright. Especially with an electronic message center that relies very heavily on all its LED’s working in order to convey your programmed message. 

Keep it clean 

Winter weather is notorious for getting everything dirty, therefore, it is important to stay on top of keeping your sign clean. A clean sign helps ensure it looks the way you want. Plus, there is no question that a clean sign is more visually appealing to potential customers than a dirty one! However, cleaning your own sign is not recommended. You should work with a company like VitalSigns and their outdoor signs Omaha experts to help you with the cleaning because they have the needed tools and experience to be successful. 

Consider a weather resistant barrier 

One sure-fire way to guarantee that your sign will stay beautiful this winter is to consider getting a weather resistant barrier for it! One such example is an awning. Placing an awning at the front of your business can help to shade your storefront and your signs! Awnings will not only shield your signs from snow, and other winter weather, but they also help people to feel safer and improve their customer experience. Plus, you can get branded awnings that will serve as another form of promotion for your business!

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