Design & Proposal

Our graphic designers compile all the information gathered to design layout(s) for review and feedback; so you can see what you’re getting before you get it and make any revisions. The photos and measurements will be used to determine the workable space to design within as well as the ability to superimpose your sign design onto the photo so you can visualize what it will look like as close as possible. Our designers are able to utilize any brand standards provided as well as offer creativity of their own if you need it! The design is a crucial element to make sure you’re fully satisfied with the layout; size, colors, materials, illumination, placement, etc.

After the layout(s) are done and all the details are ironed out we can provide you with a realistic and thorough quote so the risk of hidden surprises are reduced. We’ll email you the proposal with associated layout(s) for your review, feedback and approval. If multiple people are involved it is our pleasure to meet with everyone together or even help you present regardless of group size: board, committee, congregation, etc. We understand there are a lot of moving parts and can provide you with the expertise and guidance along with color samples and actual examples in person. Please do not hesitate to reach out to clarify or revise anything that comes to mind!  It is important that you review both the layout and proposal because upon your approval of both that is what will be fabricated.

Once we receive your approval by the signed proposal and down payment your project is now a Job - yay! Let’s take a second to look at all the work we’ve done already together, we’ve had a lot of communication so far working out many details. This initial process of design and proposal could take anywhere from only a few days to maybe you wait a year or more to decide to move forward, it all depends on what you’d like but once it’s a job we’ll be putting all our effort into quality and timeliness. Typically a fabrication project takes about four to six weeks from now until completion, however, there are smaller projects that can take days to a few weeks. The next steps won’t require a whole lot more input from you so you can focus your attention on the things you need to while we get the rest of our team on board with your project. You may not hear a whole lot from us but rest assured we’re hard at work. When you do hear from us it’ll more than likely be short, sweet and to the point. We’ll keep you informed but you’re more than welcome to reach out whenever you’d like or if you have a new opportunity we could help you with we’d be delighted!

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