Installation & Completion

Installation of your sign is a really fun time and photo opportunity, especially if this is your first sign ever - there’s just something really rewarding about seeing your logo really big and going onto your premise! When the permit(s) are issued then installation can be scheduled. For new freestanding signs some cities require footing inspections before a sign can be set and will need to be coordinated along with concrete; property lines will need to be identified along with continuation of onsite coordination. Do you have any use for the dirt, have somewhere for it or do we need to remove it?

Our crane trucks take up some space, perhaps some areas or parking stalls need to be coned off? Crane trucks are also very heavy; we don’t want to tear up your nice grass or get stuck so avoiding wet days is preferred if not, a lot of plywood helps but no guarantees. We’re tough and work all year round by dressing for the conditions however some things we just can’t risk; wind, lightning and severe wind chill. Signs are really big awkward kites and the wind is unpredictable, don’t want to risk anyone or anything getting damaged or hurt. Lightning and windchill are self explanatory; no one needs to be electrocuted or get frostbite. Vinyl application is best on dry days over 35-40 degrees.

Vehicle graphics are preferred to be installed at our shop where we have everything but can be done onsite as well; clean vehicles are appreciated but not required. Every installation is different depending on the scope of work being done but plan on us being onsite for at least a few hours up to a few days if it’s an involved project. Really big projects or ones with multiple signs will take longer as needed. It is recommended that sign(s) be installed first and then have your electrician make the final connections. During fabrication your sign has already been test fired in our shop and is known to be working however transportation and handling wiggles and jiggles things so if you notice something isn’t lighting more than likely there’s just a loose connection; not a big deal, just let us know - that’s why we provide you with our workmanship warranty!

A mess is going to happen but we’ll leave the area cleaner than when we found it! Our installer will have a work order ticket for you to sign off on, that work has been completed to your satisfaction. If you have a concern or change order please let the installer know or give your project manager a call as well. It’s best to be upfront from the beginning so your expectations can be known and fulfilled but we understand unforeseen things can occur or maybe wires crossed somewhere along the lines and believe it or not we realize sometimes your mind may change which we really try to avoid but we’ll work through it together - this late in the game though causes delay and sometimes extra expense.

That’s a wrap, we’re all done! The goal from the beginning is that you are pleased with your new sign(s) and the service we provided! After installation, our installers will bring back to our shop the paperwork, completion photos, trash and old signs to do with as needed. The job will be closed out and a final invoice created and sent out as agreed upon in the proposal. The ideal scenario is that your project manager can meet you upon completion to go over anything, thank you for your continued business, collect the final payment, gather any feedback that could make us better and discuss any future opportunities to work together on.

Your success is our success. Our goal is to provide you with great service and signage consistently and efficiently so that we may be your partner for all of your projects as they arise. More than likely you aren’t even aware of all we can provide you with. We know you're busy so let’s talk about more we can take off your plate.

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