Maintenance & Warranty

Signage & Lighting Repair, Maintenance & Warranty

We’re confident in our abilities and want your long term trust which is why we provide a one year workmanship warranty as compared to other common 30-90 days or pay extra gimmicks. Our LED and power supplies come with a five year manufacturer's warranty! Make sure your insurance covers all your signage, especially electronic message centers *add surge protector at the breaker as well to be extra preventative.

Eventually like anything, nature will take its course. Neglected signs turn into ugly and expensive fixes. Just like your vehicle(s) they eventually get outdated but the better they’re taken care of the longer they’ll last and better bang for your buck or maybe consider an upgrade to the latest and greatest to be the new flashy sign on the street! Whatever you choose, we have a maintenance solution that’ll work best for you.

We provide monthly inspections broken down into weekly routes that our inspectors look for any lighting outages whether it be signage, building lights or pole lights. Then, we’ll follow-up with any outages that are found and repair accordingly. Basically we’re your extra eyes so you or your maintenance department have a little less on your plate.

You can be confident that your sign is being seen in working condition and your parking lot is bright, allowing your customers to feel safe and welcomed! This is especially important as the days get shorter and it’s dark by 5 p.m. -6 p.m. We also offer biannual and/or annual maintenance to thoroughly inspect and clean your signage and lighting - you’d be amazed how much dirt accumulates and those pesky birds make their nests and leave their filth wherever they please - so gross! If you’d rather just give us a call when you notice an issue that’s completely alright too, we look forward to touching base along your journey to help any way we can!

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