Manufacturing & Fabrication

VitalSigns is a “full service sign company.” That’s what they all say though right!? When you are researching sign companies, you will find that there are a lot of companies who claim to have experience and expertise, but you should be cautious of the markups. VitalSigns is a full service sign company that performs every step of the process in-house with our team and our resources in our building with our equipment and real people with phones to reach them anytime.

Businesses have bottom lines to look out for and we have a bottom line to look out for too, so we get it! You want a sign like we want a sign; looks great, built great, installed quick and fits the budget. It’s important to know that we strive to develop meaningful relationships with our clients, we don’t want to just meet you once and never touch base again. Whether it's your first business or first this month It’s our goal to grow with you and your businesses. Truth is we love capitalism and we love that you’re in business and we love even more that you’re curious how we may be able to help you because to be even a small part of your story is why we do what we do!

It all starts with an initial conversation - you need some type of sign right!? Maybe you know exactly what you want or maybe you have no clue at all - it’s our job to help you either way and we will. We’ll get to know you, identify what you want or need, look into zoning ordinances to determine what the city says you can have (eye roll) and go through your landlord sign design criteria if it applies.

Then, we’ll survey where you want what you want or need and meet you there if you want to go over anything or if you don’t that’s cool too we know you’re busy we got it either way. If you have a logo please send it our way so we can utilize it to keep your branding consistent, if not we can help you make one too and not charge you an arm and a leg. With your logo and design input our graphic designers will take the survey information and create a sign layout so you can review and visualize what it’ll look like and provide any feedback on potential revisions or other options you’d like to see. Sometimes it takes a drawing or two to really get what you have in mind onto paper and then deciding on the functionality specs and details of colors and contrast and standard or super cool illumination features - don’t worry we’ll guide you through it all as painless as possible!

  Then, once all this is determined we can work up the formal proposal for you based on the layout which will show measurements and details so we can provide realistic pricing and not just picking a ridiculous number out of the sky. That’s right we haven’t even earned your business yet; we put in on average one to four hours of our time before we even get to pricing - nature of the beast but we hope this shows how we’re invested in you!

Once we dot the I’s and cross the t’s we’re full speed ahead - we’ll need to receive your landlord approval if applicable, we’ll get the sign permit application(s) turned in, we’ll button up any loose ends on material or color selections and get our fabrication team rolling. We’ll also coordinate with any of your contractors such as General Contractors and Electricians, etc. Once we get the permit back we’ll be ready to get our installers scheduled and install your sign so you can be found by your customers!

Every project is different with various needs and circumstances - just know we got you covered, nearly 30 years into this industry we don’t have to practice we’ve learned the hard way for your benefit!

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