Details, Surveys & Permits

Details, Surveys & Permits

Your problem is you need a sign, right? Your solution is VitalSigns, let’s talk!  If you haven’t bought a sign before, and sometimes even if you have, getting the sign you want can be a very daunting process.  We’ll break it down for you, step by step and make it very simple! First off, you'll have a dedicated project manager throughout your entire time working with us and if by the off chance they aren't available at the moment you need them you'll have additional support from our office to get you taken care of right away. Discussing or corresponding with your project manager about the details of your project is essential. Things such as size, quantity, placement, color, illumination, material, timeframe, access, coordination etc. We don’t like asking for your budget any more than you like answering it but let's get a ballpark of what you have in mind as a starting point. If you don’t even know, not a big deal we’ll talk about options because every budget can have a quality sign - just want to avoid a wild goose chase.

We'll also need a few things from you! Please provide us with your vector logo file(s): ai, eps, some pdfs. For preliminary design purposes, we can use jpg’s and png’s but these are flat images that we can’t alter or fabricate from. Vector files consist of actual objects that can be altered and scaled larger without losing quality. Also, provide us with any branding guides/standards, specific colors, examples and input on what you want to say/show/include/portray/promote. If you have a lease your landlord more than likely has a sign criteria to abide by. Landlord sign criteria is typically found within your lease which specifies any restrictions on sizes, heights, sign types, materials, colors, etc. It's important to design a sign your landlord will approve. Also, does your landlord have a record of the building color in order to paint the raceway to match?

It is recommended that we stop by quick to perform a preliminary site survey to collect photos and ground measurements, we’d be happy to schedule to meet you and go over any other details with you during this time but you don’t necessarily have to be present if we only need access outside. To properly design and formally quote  it is important that we obtain straight on photos showing the entire facade perspective and include any measurement(s) taken. It is also helpful to have other photos showing surroundings, visibility, obstructions, access, anything important that could be useful to be aware of. Ideally, measurements should be of something on the same plane as where the sign will be installed; ex. visual openings of windows/doors, heights or widths of storefronts, bricks, facades. While we’re onsite we can also look into color matching the building. Initially, we get as much as we can done from the ground but once the project moves forward we may send one of our technician's and trucks out to complete a more thorough survey to reach the areas necessary.

We’ll check into your zoning & local ordinances to determine what you are “allowed” for signage. Regardless of the jurisdiction (city, county or state) we’ll identify your zoning district, see if you’re in an overlay district, determine your lot frontage(s) with the lot’s total allowance “sign budget” in square feet. We’ll also find out the regulations of your zone to design accordingly based on allowed type, size, overall height, setbacks, quantity, projections, clearance, site triangles, %  of overall facade area, locations, elevations, right of way, encroachment, etc. Lastly, we’ll formalize the permit application process for procurement and obtain proper contractor licensing and insurance with each jurisdiction. A side note about freestanding signs is that they require your property line to be located and a footing inspection may be required.

We work very well with other sign companies whether local or out of town to assist in surveys and permitting also!

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