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Dimensional letters, also known as 3D letters, raised letters, 3D acrylic signs and a number of others names, provide a business with the unique signage design they have been searching for. 

With dimensional letter signs, the lettering itself is applied to the surface area to help the lettering stand on its own and bring a “wow” factor to the room! They are cast, molded, fabricated or cut from solid material to achieve this effect. This signage is often suited for corporate offices, lobby spaces, behind reception desks and other indoor business spots that have high foot traffic! Not only are these signages perfect for a final touch in the office design, these signs are durable and provide a professional look.

VitalSigns can attest that dimensional lettering is a smart choice for any business. Whether you run a restaurant, hospital, boutique, office, church, bank, etc., our dimensional letter signs can be customized to fit the need of each unique space. 

VitalSigns is a family owned company in Omaha, Neb., for the last 20 years with experience in fabrications, installation and maintenance of all signs our company provides on our website. VitalSigns can provide the best signage in the Midwest market while providing your business with a lifetime support of signage needs and questions! 

Where can these signs go? 

These signs are hung on the facade outside of your business or on the inside in the reception or main lobby area! 

Dimensional lobby signs and logos are very common, and can be made in a variety of materials, with options including backlighting, if desired. Dimensional letters can also be used for wayfinding and other signage elements to help consumers in a number of industries such as retail.

3D letters, contrary to the name, aren’t limited to letters either! You can have letters, numbers, images, logos or a mix of all that installed on your walls. VitalSigns’ team of experienced designers can help build interior signs customized to your business’ specific personality and character. 

How are these signs installed? 

Our 3D letter signs provide a business with eye-catching appeal, they make the perfect choice for your building’s storefront sign! 

These signs give your building more texture and depth, while exuding a more sophisticated feel. How are these signs installed? 

These signs are installed on the facade of the building, but can also be incorporated onto other signage areas such as monuments, post and panel signs and other important and often forgotten spaces.

Even though 3D letters are non-illuminated, VitalSigns can include spotlights, halo lights or backlighting during sign installation, so your dimensional letters are visible during the evening. Not into 3D dimensional letter signage? Our second recommendation would be channel lettering! 

Full-Service Sign Company

It’s not easy to choose the perfect sign to represent your brand. It takes time, research, patience, experience and a tried-and-tested production process. 

With VitalSigns, we can assure you that you won’t have to go through all this alone. Our team of experienced sign makers and graphic artists can provide their knowledge and expertise to guide you through the sign creation process.

VitalSigns is here for you from the first sign conceptualization to the final installation, we help you choose the best materials for your purpose and budget, we also make sure that your signs are strategically placed and installed! Our experts are only a call away if you ever need any support or assistance with your signage.

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